As I'm becoming more involved in the fashion and style industry I couldn't help but wonder how some bloggers, fashionistas, and journalists could afford so many pieces of clothing. Seemed like all of them spent a fortune every month on new clothes and new fashion trends. But as I asked around and searched for their "secrets" I realized I was simply shopping the wrong way all along. So here are  five tips that have been shared with me and have made it possible to get more for less.


Pronounced (A-S-O-S not A-sauce) Is an online treasure cove for fashionistas from every niche. You'll find over 900 boutiques and new brands along with popular brands you've come to love. This online store is well known throughout the fashion world but practically almost non-existent outside of it. I've recently shopped here and purchased 4 shirts, 1 pair of shoes for myself, and 5 pairs for my wife and all for right under a bill. Sales are always around here( especially at the end of season sales), with recently having a 70% off sale and an additional 10-15% off on your first purchase. ASOS is aimed towards  the "20-something" age group but that shouldn't stop you if you're not in that age bracket. It really has a wide-variety of fashion content for everyone!

2.  Outlet Stores


Outlet Stores are great for shopping, especially when your brand store is having a sale on top of a discounted price! You're sure to find a great sale here when you go and make sure you sign up for special offers and discounts. In Houston, there are two outlet centers, the one in cypress off of 290 West and the Tanger outlets near texas city, just south of Houston off of 45 South. I've personally have found better deals at the Tanger outlets but there aren't as many stores as the one in Cypress. If you have one or multiple outlet store centers near or around you, check them out. Some of the best deals can usually be found at the end of season sales! I got a pair of Cole Haan weatherproof boots originally $278 for just $124. For some, the outlets can be a hit or miss, but they're definitely worth a trip.

3. Monthly Subscriptions

This option here may be unappealing for some guys because you don't get to try to on the clothes first. However, you can always send the clothes back, and besides, this option is much better than standing in those long lines at the mall. There are subscriptions where you get clothes for the month then send them back and others where you actually keep the clothes and can return what you don't like or didn't fit well. Whatever the reason, you can return if needed. The advantage here is that you have a stylist pick your clothes accoridign to your answers on their style quiz / questionaire and the outfit gets delivered right to your door. One of the subscriptions I am on is  Five Four and for $60 a month you have a stylist send you 2-3 pieces with a value over $100. The clothes aren't all fast fashion necessarily either, they have decent quality and make. Up until recently, I was envious of the website Shoedazzle; there was no such thing like that for men! Not too long ago, I discovered the very first men's shoe club; The Men's Shoe Club. This is wonderful and brilliant, you also have different subscription options with low monthly prices for good quality shoes worth over $300. I haven't subscribed just yet but it won't be long I'm sure!

4. Plato's Closet

By now, many of you may have driven past one of these second hand resale stores, but haven't put much thought about stopping by. You'd be surprised at the great finds here for a very low price. They have lightly worn brand and designers clothes and shoes that have been sold by people like you and I. They have stores throughout the United States and most are open 7 days a week. A couple of months ago I got some clothes together that either, didn't fit or I didn't wear, and stopped by the nearest Plato's Closet. I sold most of the items I took ( they usually only take the items they can sell for the current season or the upcoming season) and shopped around while they processed my items and got my pay. I don't always find things I like when I go but i did find a pair of Nike Roshe runs for $15, a total steal. 

5. Thrift Stores


The saying "one man's trash is another man's treasure" is quite literal when you stop by a thrift store. Thrift stores are perfect for those looking for great deals, and those shopping on an economic budget. To date, I haven't bought anything yet even though I have found items that I've liked but not in my size unfotunately. Another benefit of shopping at a thrift store is that you'll be wearing a vintage item, something apart from the masses and the mainstream trends. It's a great way to find one-offs and items to look apart from "what's-in" right now. These places are a true treasure for those who take their time and look.

A Couple Of Extra Places:
Garage Sales - You can find great deals and unique items.
Flash Sales - These sites buy leftover inventory and sell them for really low prices (Jack Threads)

Hope this can alleviate some excessive spending and allow you to get more for much less! Let me know if you have any other tips that have helped you or other places/sites in the comments below!

What Are Some Other Tips Or Places You Go To For Your Shopping?