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A young millennial Latino dad of 2 living in Houston, Texas sharing his perspective as an involved parent with a love for cars, travel & menswear.


This post is sponsored by iwi, but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

When I set my goals for the new year back in January, I promise, I had every intention of reaching them. But like everyone, I didn’t see results right away, so I kind of let them slide day by day. Since we just entered spring, I figured that this was the best time to start over!

One of my most important goals for the year is to improve my overall health and spend more time outdoors with my two girls. The key has been to add more vitamins and supplements to my daily routine! I’ve been using iwi Omega-3 and the cholesterol supplement, and it’s been my most important addition. I want to make sure my heart is healthy, build a stronger immune system, and make sure my bones and joints are in the best possible shape to run around and enjoy the amazing spring weather with my family. Being able to do this for years to come is what makes my overall health a top priority.

After learning that our bodies do not produce Omega-3s naturally, I decided that by taking iwi, my body can absorb a higher quality Omega-3 - 50% more absorption actually! I am also getting it straight from its natural source on the planet - algae! Research shows that Omega-3 supplements support overall health and well-being - from heart, brain, and vision, to bones and joints.

iwi Cholesterol provides the power of EPA-only Omega-3 derived from nannochloropsis microalgae. Their proprietary ingredient, Almega®PL, has been clinically shown to reduce total cholesterol by 25%, in particular VLDL, without decreasing good HDL Cholesterol, which is a unique benefit that no other Omega-3 source can claim. Keeping my cholesterol balanced is highly important to me, since it is something that I need to watch based on hereditary genes.

Not only do I feel good about what I am putting into my body, but I feel good about the product itself. iwi is sustainably farmed in the USA and powered by the sun. As a family, we have been conscious about the world we are leaving for our kids, and eventually, our grandkids. By farming the algae for iwi on land, they are protecting the ocean’s ecosystem. 97% of the water is reused with the remaining 3% being lost to evaporation.

Overall wellness takes effort and dedication, just like iwi is dedicated to minimizing environmental impact, while bringing the best products forward through innovative sciences. Being able to farm the richest source of Omega-3 in the desert is impressive, and knowing that they are also striving to move forward to reduce single-use plastic is awesome. Their refills come in a bag made with recycled materials. Getting more does not have to impact the environment and world around us. Join me on this journey and use code DADDYDIARIES30 at checkout to get 30% off your first order. Plus, if you subscribe, you will save an additional 20% on every order! Head on over to www.iwilife.com ! #iwilife #betterlivingbeginswithin

This post is sponsored by DICK' S Sporting Goods. These are my thoughts and opinions based on my experience 

Our family rotates our winter clothes every couple of years, and this year was one where we need to get new apparel for the Winter. For the last couple of years, ever since the grand openings in the Houston area, we have been fans of DICK's. From buying Mila's softball equipment to all new gear for the whole family, this has been our go-to place. We love going on random adventures and even though our traveling plans took a back seat, we still managed to do a few things with the family. Since Black Friday, we have been doing our holiday shipping and also got ourselves some new jackets which were on sale! I love the variety of options and of course the best deals around. Even better throughout the holidays and Winter season. 

I looked for the best deals around and went on a search for winter jackets. I was only looking for winter apparel but ended up seeing many deals I couldn't pass up on. I had to gear up on The North Face gear since it was on sale and they were items I didn't have. I also got some for my brother and dad. For the girls, I found some fuzzy jackets also from The North Face . Even foot apparel had great deals and i found some Adidas Ultraboost shoes on sale, my first pair and they feel great! This store has had just about everything we needed and even things we didn't think we would need such as this cool Yeti Hopper backpack! This is probably the one thing that has come in handy these last couple of weeks. We went on a hike and all our snacks and drinks ready at a moment's notice, the most portable cooler we've ever had.

I liked the free 1-hour curbside pick -up which is great if you want to shop from the comfort of your home and vehicle while staying safe. We knocked out our shopping here and know that we can count on DICK'S for great deals and finds. Not on ly did I find some winter apparel, I also found some track pants and jacket that let me work out during the colder winter months. DICK'S is a whole lot more than just our holiday shopping destination, it is where we go for our everyday adventures and family outdoor needs. Keep your eyes peeled for those deals for dad, mom, a young athlete, or outdoor enthusiast! 

This post is sponsored by Iberdrola Texas. My thoughts and opinions below. 

I still remember when I saw my first wind turbine and stared in awe at why someone would make a huge structure. I thought it was an ambitious installation, but what did I know, I was only 10 years old. That was quite some time ago and I have seen many wind turbine blades being transported since then. As a dad today, it is important to me that I share with my daughters how wind energy can be harnessed to power our new home and the environment around us. I am glad to have partnered with Iberdrola Texas in sharing the power of wind energy and an environmentally conscious energy option.

On our trip to Palo Duro Canyon, we drove through an area deep in the heart of Texas that had hundreds, if not thousands of wind turbines. I was in awe once again. Texas has a large market for energy, and Iberdrola is a global leader in wind energy. As a born and raised Texan, I am proud to be using energy produced here in Texas, For Texans, by Texans. But besides the production of energy, the other important aspect of energy is the way we use it. Since we moved here to our new home, we have been energy conscious and have been teaching the girls how to conserve energy and teach them where our energy comes from. Iberdrola sent an awesome package that included a wind turbine kit which Mila loved building together. 

When it came down to choosing an energy provider for our home, we wanted to have our energy sourced from clean and renewable processes. In raising a new generation, we need to adapt and teach our children through example and teaching them the different ways we can minimize our environmental and carbon footprint. Mila and I were excited to build the wind turbine and went outside to test it out since there was a steady breeze. The directions were simple and easy for Mila to put together and get it up and running in no time. As soon as we finished, there was a breeze that came at the perfect time and made the turbine generate the power to light up the led light.

We sat down for a few minutes while talking about how we can go green and conserve the energy we use in the home since we all learn and work from home. It is busy around here all day and that means that we consume more energy. Iberdrola energy options are affordable and reliable, and teaching the girls about green energy is something that they will see bloom in their lifetimes. Maybe sometime in the future, we’ll take a trip out to look at the wind farms. Seeing the amazement in Mila when the light shined was heartwarming for me. She got the opportunity to see wind power in real-time. Knowing that our homes are powered by renewable energy is great for our Texas pride but also great for our wallets. 

Being part of Iberdrola has been great, especially when I know that I am contributing to the States’ economy and using green energy that minimizes our carbon footprint. Making the transition to green energy has been a long time coming but it is here and it can be our small contribution in going green one step at a time.  Making the transition is easy, so don’t miss out on the chance to earn a $50 gift card when you enroll with Iberdrola here: https://txwind.com/daddystylediaries. Please note, you’ll receive the gift card two months after enrollment into your energy service.


This post is sponsored by KeepItAnchored and these are my thoughts and opinions based on my experience.

There are some things that we, as people, happen to hold off until a future time. Hair loss is not one of them. You may say, “But you are young and have all your hair”. Well yes, but also, as mentioned above, I’m taking care of my hair now while I’m ahead. There are different factors that lead to hair loss and the one that is driving me to be proactive are my family genetics. This is why my experience with KeepItAnchored has been great, but also important! 

Hair loss is something we don’t talk much about with my friends since we are young, but once my dad started mentioning to me to take care of my hair, I listened. My dad started losing his hair in his late 20’s and balding around 32 years of age. I just turned 27 so this could start affecting me sooner rather than later. I wanted to strengthen my hair roots and freshen my scalp which led me to start searching online for things like “ How to prevent hair loss “, “shampoo to prevent hair loss”, or “best conditioner to prevent hair loss”. I had no clear answers and no direction since my dad tried many things with no results.

But what are the causes of hair loss? Well, the #1 cause of daily hair loss is environmental stress, also known as oxidative stress. Genetics, ageing, and nutrition are the other factors that we need to consider as well. This stress can come in the form of UV rays, moisture, and pollution, affecting both men and women. It does so by weakening our hair roots so that is why KeepItAnchored aims to calm stress at the scalp while also refreshing it. This leads to a healthier scalp, stronger roots, which is key, and fuller looking hair. I hadn’t noticed much hair loss until I actually started to look for signs. I noticed that I was slowly starting to lose more hair. I analyzed my lifestyle and habits and realized that my stress levels were getting higher, I was not eating as healthy as I could have, and my scalp was pretty dry.

So I went all in with the process and in less than 2 weeks' time I saw and felt my scalp improve. My scalp does feel refreshed and it isn’t dry anymore. I apply the HairAnchoring Essence every day usually after a shower but you could also apply the essence while hair is dry. Simply apply 8-10 drops and massage. The best part is that it doesn’t leave your hair looking greasy or feeling heavy. So what is it that makes these products so great?! Well, antioxidants are key in their HairAnchor blends along with minerals and B-Vitamins. The conditioner is made with a lightweight formula leaving your hair soft while strengthening your hair roots to reduce hair loss due to breakage. And then comes the HairAnchoring Essence which is a concentrated blend of antioxidants, B-Vitamins, and Zinc minerals clinically proven to replenish the scalp.

I never thought I would be excited about hair loss but  KeepItAnchored is key in taking care of the hair I have today and a part of my daily routine. I can recommend this and will be sharing this with my brother and family members so they too can keep the hair they have. The great thing about this all is that you too can join me in preventative hair care and keep the hair you have. KeepItAnchored doesn’t help grow new hair, it helps you keep and strengthen the hair you have which is why I think this is important to get ahead of future hair loss. 

I am sure if my dad had the opportunity to start taking care of his hair at a younger age he would, and that is why I am doing it. As shown in the last picture, my hair is not falling out as much as it was a little over a week ago. I actually saved the hair strands just for the comparison and I’m surprised I didn't lose them! My scalp is not dry anymore and my hair is smooth which is nice. Something else that is important to note is that I am using the KeepItAnchored 3-step Essentials + Hydration Kit for Men  and it has shown results because of it. It’s a great product and I think if you love your hair or simply want to keep it, these hair loss preventative measures will be great for you.

Use my code “JEFFKIA20” now through Dec 15th to get 20% off you purchase!! Just click here to head to their site to shop and learn more!

Texas has many stories to tell and people to remind you of how great the Lone Star State is. But there are also stories that go unnoticed from the many good people that have lived throughout history. A few weeks ago we made a trip to San Antonio to explore some of the places that celebrated the history and Hispanic heritage of the community. Some places were well known to tourists, and others were more like hidden gems. It always amazes me how we come to San Antonio often and just as we start to think we've seen it all, we come across new places and things to see or do. To match the adventure spirit Chevrolet sent over a new 2021 Colorado Bison for us to explore the Alamo City!

Chevrolet has been part of many of our past adventures which you can see here. The drive from Houston was smooth, nothing out of the ordinary. We made a stop at Ashley's Grandma's house and settled in for the night. Over the years this has become our base for all of our adventures in San Antonio. Our adventures would have been different without our impromptu HQ. We looked over the list of places that we wanted to see and planned our all-day itinerary. We planned our breakfast route and went deep into the westside community to try Delicious Tamales, and yes, they were pretty good. We tried the chicken and sweet tamales. Places like these are deeply rooted in the community and part of history and culture. Just a short drive away was the Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center. It has a really nice mosaic on the street facing side. We stopped to take pictures and didn't get to go inside since it was closed. It is nice to see how people can express themselves through art and show the emotion that some have a hard time expressing. 

Up next on our map was a stop at the Alamo Candy Store. The kids were excited because they had been here once before. There's a great variety of candies and other treats. I think most of the people in San Antonio know about this place. Many come here to get their candies for parties and their piƱatas. Alongside the building, there are 2 murals. One that says Welcome to San Antonio and the other is a new Selena mural. Both very nice. It was a hot day so we jumped back in the ZR2 and drove around downtown looking at the Alamo, Riverwalk, Market Square, and La Villita. These are some of the main tourist attractions which we had seen many times before so we didn't spend much time there. But needless to say, these are historic in many ways.

We dropped off the kids back at base for a nap and decided to go explore the other places on our list. We wanted to see the Fiesta Mural which was bright and colorful. Fiesta is a big event where the city comes together and celebrates its culture and history. While grandma watched the kids we decided to take a quick stroll on the Riverwalk and visit the Selena Bridge before heading for dinner. Surprisingly, there were not as many people as I thought there would be and that made moving around much easier. We sat down by a bench near the famous bridge and reflected on the history that has taken pace in the city. It's rich with culture and history and that helps us as parents share with our kids through visuals. 

We made one last dash to see the San Fernando Cathedral in hopes of seeing some street performers or shows but given the current state of events, it was kind of desolate, which was also nice. We stayed here for a few minutes before walking back to the truck. We tried to ride the electric scooters but couldn't find some that were charged so we left that adventure for another day. It was time for dinner, so we drove by La Villita, which was unfortunately closed for the day, on our way to Mi Tierra. La Villita is a nice place to walk and hang out when it isn't too crowded. Mi Tierra has been on our list of places to try and we finally had a chance, and it just happens to have turned into a date night. This place is well known and has been family-owned since its inception. The fajita plate and Sonora Special plates are delicious. 

This was a great way to end the day. There is so much more to learn and see what this city has to offer. The girls loved seeing the many buildings and art murals around town. We really like Chevrolet's motto, Find New Roads, and even though we didn't take the ZR2 Bison off-road, it definitely led us to explore new places and create new adventures. It's great to see the heritage and culture the way San Antonio displays it. We'll be back soon!


 This post is sponsored by Walmart and these are my own thoughts and opinions.

Staying healthy as a family has been one of our priorities this year. Even with all the present challenges, we know that making an effort to take care of ourselves will go a long way when we think about where we want to be with our kids when we grow older. Having been a partner with Walmart for years, I am glad to see them committed towards the health and wellness of the Hispanic community. This led me to take the health of my family and myself seriously and take action towards a life of health and wellness.

So how do we stay active? Well, I used to think we could balance everything equally within a day but we soon learned that it wasn’t working for us. Now, we tackle different tasks spread out throughout the week while having 2-3 things  that remain constant every day. Those 3 activities are working cooking, and a walk or stroll with the family. Since we moved to a new home a few months ago, we now have a backyard where we can play with the girls if they don’t feel like walking. The important thing is to be physically active for at least 10-15 minutes a day. I start my day by going for a run in the morning followed by a quick 15 minutes workout in the garage. It’s said that it takes 21 days to develop a new habit so don’t be discouraged at first when you find it challenging to start something new. Taking time for yourself is great for your overall wellness which leads me to how Walmart is helping our community.

Walmart has Wellness Days 4 times a year and are now virtual. These days are great for the community to get free screenings with an optometrist and pharmacist. This is great for everyone since keeping tabs on ourselves is important for our well being. Given that 90% of people live near a Walmart, this gives many of us access to screenings that we would otherwise not think about or dismiss as important. Because I care for my own health and overall wellness I want to share that with you all too. There are 4 areas of wellness that we tackle with the help of our Walmart friends. They’re called MEDS (get it?) Well, here is what they stand for:

M - Move More

E - Eat Well

D - Destress Now

S - Sleep Better

By doing these 4 things, you can drastically improve your overall wellness. It is important for us to continue to stay in motion as we strive to move forward through these times. I am thankful for the initiatives that Walmart has started and how accessible a quick health screen can be. These are things that I did not have access to while growing up and if I can bring these resources just a bit closer to you that would be great! Save money, live better, right? 

Chasing after kids can be exhausting but I love it. Not only is it time to get our heart rate pumping, it is also a time where I can destress and bond with my family. My thought is, by taking care of myself, I can be there for my family longer as long as my health allows me to. That is what drives me to be the best version of myself so my family can have the best of me. 

We are doing a GIVEAWAY on Instagram! For a chance to win a $100 gift card, simply head over there and tag me in a photo or instastory where you show us how you stay active with #MejorContigo and #walmart !

Last weekend we had the opportunity to take a trip out of town. We have been yearning to go on a trip but due to the current pandemic we have been staying put in our new home. The move kept us busy for a few weeks but now that we are settled in we have been looking for ways to make a trip happen. The news that we were going to be receiving the new 2020 Chevrolet Trailblazer just added fuel to the fire and so we dusted our baggage and duffel bags and packed up to head out to a farmhouse we had access to. It had been weeks, if not months since we last had a vehicle delivered for a test drive. Times have changed so we had to do a contactless delivery and the vehicle was disinfected according to the CDC guidelines. 

 We found the new Trailblazer to be quite comfortable for our small family and all of our bags for a 2-day trip. It would be able to accommodate 4 adults easily and comfortably on short trips, or in our case, 2 adults and 2 car seats. Being able to go on a trip was like a breath of fresh air. Getting out of the house and the city was a much-needed trip. We headed out west on the interstate before making a turn to the lonely country roads. The Trailblazer rides solid but not too stiff. The noise in the cabin was minimal even with larger tire treads. The panoramic roof was great! Even though I don't get to enjoy it much since I am behind the wheel all of the time, I can see the girls in the back enjoy the brighter atmosphere and watching the clouds as we drive into the sunset.

2021 Chevrolet Trailblazer

Out of all the places we have traveled to in this world, this lovely country home just has a charm unmatched. It is tucked away from the city and has a lovely view down the field to the pond on the property as well as an open yard with a massive pool to swim all the stress away. Working from home has been great but even then we need to get away to clear the mind. This place was great and the scenery does a great job of making you feel like you are much further away from the city. The girls loved seeing the neighboring cow herd and seeing deer in the morning. Normal country life is not normal for us and we don't take those moments for granted. We met up with my parents and siblings there and it felt great to see them for the first time in a long time. We live across town from them so we don't see them often, even less now that we are in the middle of a worldwide event. 

2021 Chevrolet Trailblazer

The Trailblazer was fun to drive, not because of the mechanical properties, but because of the emotions it induced and facilitated for my family and I. In case you are interested in specs, the Trailblazer has a turbocharged 1.3L 155 Horsepower and 174 lb. ft. torque mated to an AWD drivetrain. The cargo was perfect for a few duffel bags and could fit a small kennel as well. It has a decent 25.3 cubic ft of cargo with the second row up and 54.4 cubic ft. with the seats down. I see this vehicle being great for young drivers as well as young small families. We could see us taking this car on a beach camping trip or a road trip around Texas. Maybe even West Texas?

2021 Chevrolet Trailblazer

Out of all of our trips with past Chevrolet vehicles, this one was a lot more relaxed since the experience was mostly about the destination than the drive alone. I love to drive and there will be lots more coming up over the months since we are more comfortable going out to places when we plan them out haha. Besides, stay tuned because we may be getting another Chevy vehicle soon! Where do you think we'll be going?

We are looking forward to making more memories in the midst of the current challenges we all face. Take care of your mental, physical and emotional health. We must all strive to balance out our lows by either counting our blessings or thinking of the good things that have happened to us. Driving does wonders for me, and I know everyone has different ways of coping with stress, but wanted to point that out in case you have not taken a drive around town in a while. Gotta give thanks to Chevrolet for going above and beyond in delivering vehicles that bring experiences closer to home! See you soon!

2021 Chevrolet Trailblazer

2021 Chevrolet Trailblazer

2021 Chevrolet Trailblazer

2021 Chevrolet Trailblazer

2021 Chevrolet Trailblazer