I was born and raised right here in Houston, TX, Jeffrey E. Segura ( E. Stands for Eduardo), at the ever famous Ben Taub General Hospital. It’s the 5th of October of the year 1993, and my parents couldn’t have been any happier to see their first born take that breath of life. I recall those following winters being some of the coldest I’ve ever lived through. Those years are long gone and forever in our hearts, serving us as a reminder of how they made us feel.

We are of Guatemalan descent, to be more specific, from the small town of La Gomera, which is in the department state of Escuintla. Many of my parents’ friends and family now reside in Houston and throughout North America, sharing with the American generations the Culture and Traditions that we never saw or knew. Unfortunately for my siblings and I, we have yet to go visit our parents’ home country, usual reason being the lack of planning, if not, a million other excuses. I’ve learned a lot from other cultures by simply being open-minded about cultural differences and seeing the valuable things one can grasp from them. For those who aren’t sure where Guatemala is, or if by chance have never heard of such place, you can find it tucked in between Mexico and El Salvador with Belize being the third bordering country.

There are three siblings. My brother, my sister and myself, the oldest of the bunch. We were all raised by both mom and dad in the southwest area of Houston at the St. Cloud apartments on Bellaire and Hillcroft. Lived there for about 9 years until my dad decided to move out to a home. This was a good move, since my parents started worrying  more about us due to the growing crime and violence. We settled in a nice neighborhood by Beltway 8 and Beechnut St. We loved it and it was there were we all learned how to really appreciate what we had in life.

My dad has always been pretty smart with finances and did his best to show us that everything in this world, whether small or large, had value. Every person, skinny, tall, big or small, was valuable but above that, my parents always reminded us how valuable we were. It’s one of the most basic but most valuable lessons we can get. When you value yourself for the person you are, you begin to have confidence, respect for others, share your thoughts and ideas, dress and present yourself better, and life itself becomes valuable. Life is a form of art that we in turn master through all the experiences, relationships, and lessons along the way. Life is like an artistic representation of you, so make sure you are the one living it.

We learned valuable things in that house. It was in a matter of three years that we moved once again. My parents decided on a home in the Sugarland – Alief area. It was here where I met some of the most life-shaping people in my life. I feel as if most of my life was lived here. I attended Youngblood Intermediate 5th and 6th grade followed by Albright Middle School for 7th and 8th grade. I then attended Elsik High School, graduating as Class of 2012. I was very active in Clubs and sport such as LEO,   Cross Country and Track (400M , 400x400M).  I later received an Academic Scholarship with HBU( Houston Baptist University ) which was short lived since I watched it slip right out of my hands. But hey, things always happen and I entered the workforce shortly after. I started with my first job at  a high-end salon and spa called Josephine’s Day Spa and Salon off of Eldridge Pkwy. This was completely new to me, but I adapted and overcame. Loved this place, which btw I highly recommend. Worked here for almost 2 years before transferring over to the Pearland location – Josephine’s Day Spa and Salon – Pearland. I met my loved one right before the move and by coincidence her parents moved to Pearland around that time. This was perfect since that would have put us at about a 45-minute drive apart. I was driving over to Pearland for about 9 months before I quit the salon. During those 9 months Ashley, My fiancé, was going through military basic training and the following training after that. Once back, she got a job and I followed. Another first for me, this time I was working in the Oil Rig manufacturing industry. Again, I learned to adapt. Soon after those drastic changes, I moved out of my parents’ home and began my independent life.

In the beginning of 2015, oil prices started to plummet. The price of oil wasn’t the only thing falling, but along went thousands of workers jobs, and what do you know, along I went. BTW, this was right after Ashley and I decided to have a baby. This wasn’t the end of the world because there is always a solution to a problem. I manage to save enough to hold off without work for a couple of months and then I started working at a pressure vessel and pipe fabrication shop. I’m back in a similar industry but it was at the same time, something completely different. About a month into the new job our beautiful Camila was delivered and delivered in a dramatic way. Thankfully the management team let me take off the necessary days for the series of events that happened that day. (You can read it Here.) 

May 12th, Ashley starts to have contractions in the middle of the night and we take off to the hospital. Everything was going great until one of the doctors comes in and asks if we want her water to be broken. She said yes and she began pushing about 30 minutes after that.  We pushed for about an hour and the baby wouldn’t come out. It turns out that the baby’s head was tilted sideways and wouldn’t come out at the angle she was in. Ashley and I were beginning to get worried at this point. The nurse decided to let Ashley rest for an hour. Keep in mind her water has been broken for over an hour at this point. An hour passed and we tried but by now the baby’s head was starting to swell where her head was hitting the pelvic bone. Out doctor ordered for an emergency C-section to prevent any further complications.  Not even an hour later we have our baby delivered. She got some fluid In her lungs and Ashley got a fever which could have caused in infection to the baby.  Camila was taken to the NICU ( Neonatal Intensive Care Unit ) and she was there for 2 and a half days. I was the only one that could see her in the NICU for the first hours and it was such a relieving feeling to see her at last. That hospital experience has had to be, to date, the most intense I’ve been in, passed out once and almost did a second time.

Now, Camila is now 2 years and 7 months young now! Every day is an adventure, in and outside of the house. Being a father has been a blessing and the secret is to have fun, enjoy, and learn from everything we do together.

Mastering the art of fatherhood, fashion, and enjoying the lifestyle,

Jeff E. Segura

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