We're at that time of year where millions of people write down what they hope will resolve things from the previous year, change habits, or bring them closer to their goals. However, these resolutions rarely go past the first week, needless to say, make it through the whole year. In fact, with about 40% of Americans writing down their resolutions, only about 8% of those actually achieve their New Year Resolutions. 

Everyone knows someone who wrote a couple of things they'd like to change or do different this year. The most popular of these is to loose weight / go to the gym, followed by others such as spending more time with the family, or being better organized. So here is my take on what has helped me achieve past resolutions and can help you do the same!

  1. Write Down And Plan How You Will Achieve Your Resolution

Many people write down ther resolutions without haveing an action plan. Anyone can say they want to change or resolve something but without action, those resolutions remain just that, a written resolution.

    2. Be Consistent

The first week of the year isn't much of a challenge for some but after the first or second week you start seeing many fall off. Be as consistent as possible. For example, if you go to the gym on Mondays, try to go to the gym every Monday. If you cook organic meals 3-4 times a week, then do so with the following weeks as well. Once you miss a few days it becomes very hard to get back into rythm.

     3. Surround Yourself With Positive People 
Surrounding yourself with positive and influential people will help you in many ways. Not only will they encourage you but they may have the same interests as you have. You'll be seeing the same things you've been looking at through a different perspective. This will also keep your mind on edge and give you the positive energy that you'll need for your resolutions.

    4. Let Go Of The Negative People In Your Life

This can be detrimental to your dreams, goals and balance of life. I know it can be difficult for some to do so but we have to know when someone will contribute to our success and goals or simply hinder or destroy them. 

    5. Take It A Day At A Time

Don't overwhelm yourself by thinking how hard a resolution may be to achieve, but rather think of it as one day at a time. By breaking it down to a daily matter you will find the task much easier and achievable. Another thing I've done is to break it down by each yearly quarter for things such as how often I would visit family or financial management.

Don't let 2016 be just another year, make this a year of achievement and of personal improvement, a year where many new experiences will be lived and enjoyed. Remember that any amount of progress is progress and will eventually take you to your goal. Hope all had a wonderful New Year's Celebration and i'll look forward to everyones achievements!

Warm Regards,

Jeff Segura