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With the holiday season upon us once again, you may be looking for ways to welcome your guests to your lovely hospitality. Whether at your own home or out at your local bar, RumChata is sure to leave your guests with that sweet and creamy taste that has been perfected if you ask me. You can drink it on the rocks, with your coffee, or even have it with your cereal, the possibilities are endless! RumChata is a cream liqueur made with Caribbean rum, real dairy cream, sugar, cinnamon, rice, and vanilla. Even though RumChata is a cream liqueur, you can drink it without mixing. Because of its simplicity and rich flavor, RumChata has become a go to for bar tenders, especially during the fall and winter seasons!

I had the pleasure of being an official judge at a RumChata Cocktail Mix Off and I was in for a treat! The Mix Off was held at Tango and Malbec Steakhouse, and the scene was perfect for what the bar tenders had in store for the judges and everyone present. This was going to be the first time having the drink so I made sure to try some before the contest began and I wanted to taste the full rich flavor so I went for RumChata on the rocks - RumChata Rocks. I am not the kind to go after sweet drinks but this was just right and to my amazement, the rum wasn't overwhelming. I would even go as far as saying that the drink could almost pass as a non-alcoholic drink! With 13.75% alcohol content, this isn't so much a light drink either. The sweet taste of the cream and vanilla do a great job of smoothing out the rum and make for the perfect drink of the season!

Don't miss out on the live action and the drinks presented to me by 6 talented and skilled bar tenders! The Mix off was a success and everyone who tasted the delicious RumChata fell in love and were in search of more. Because of the great taste and experience with RumChata, I want to offer all my Houston area friends with the opportunity to win 2 RumChata bottles and a Cereal shooter! I would love to keep these but you guys need to taste what I'm talking about and really experience #chatatime ! I will be delivering these personally! So this is what you have to do in order to win! 3 Easy steps! Enter by clicking on the link below!

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