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Usually, when you see a dad you don't relate them to being a motorcycle guy, or someone that likes to live life on the edge. But here I am, a motorcycle enthusiast and avid rider. It's true, I don't ride like I used to before becoming a dad, but I still try to go on a couple of rides every chance I get. Now that I'm a dad, I am much more cautious about the way I ride. I make sure I gear up and have a helmet on me, even though it's not required here in Texas. I have a family that is waiting for me back home and I want to make sure that I, and the motorcycle, get to our destination safely. You can find all the gear you need and much more at

I like to remember the days that I would wake up in the morning and meet with friends before going out for a ride. We would get our coffee, turn on our bikes and throw on our motorcycle jackets. We all knew that we had to always be prepared, an accident could happen at any given time. With texting and driving being the new thing it's always best to be safe because even though you can control the way you ride you can't control what the way other people drive. is a place where you can buy OEM and aftermarket parts, riding gear, helmets, tires and many other motorcycle parts online and great affordable prices. Some of my favorite bikes to ride are the Honda CBR600, Yamaha R1, and the Suzuki GSXR750. You can find some of the best Honda, Suzuki and  Yamaha accessories here. So whatever you decide to ride, make sure you are always riding with the best and safest gear for you and your bike.