I wanted to talk about a subject that some have found to be an obstacle in the realm of content creators. Life is constantly changing so we should all be ready to change and adapt. It's not easy and it does take some trial and error to get right So where do we, as content creators, who our job is to be on social media, draw the line between our work and personal lives? For some, this may be easy, but what about those who have vlogs, and have video content to create? 

Once I started vlogging, I ran into this issue myself, and at the recent Dad 2.0 conference this topic came up during a dinner. I personally think that everyone should, first, know how to differentiate between work and personal life. Then, analyze and understand if the content goes with your channel / brand. Talk with your significant other, family, or close friend what they think about personal space. A good rule I think is good to follow, is to leave a space of your life that you can always go to when you need alone time, family time, or simply a space to take a break from the social media scene.

This is a topic that I is close to me since it involves my personal life as a father and my job as a content creator/social media influencer. In some cases, parents push their kids to be in their pictures and videos but we only do so when it comes naturally. If our daughter is crying or not feeling well, we don't take outfit pictures of her or wait for her to compose herself. Family is important to me so I had to draw a boundary between family time and work. I work from home, so my daughter is always around us while we work, but if she needs something or wants me to play with her, I'll drop whatever I'm doing and spend time with her. Even though I create daily vlogs now, I make sure to leave a space in the day for my own personal time with my family and for privacy. 

If you found this helpful or have any other tips, feel free to leave them in the comment section below!