Many times, actually way too many times, I get asked what is it that I do and what our days are like. As a blogger, you are constantly creating content for your website or social media. The thought alone of working from home is easily looked down upon, especially as a young male latino dad. But in order to give the best of ourselves my wife, who is also a blogger, and I made the decision to invest in our blogs full-time and less than a year later, everything is starting to pay off. But this post is not about our journey but more so what a typical day in our life looks like. We have normal lives, kinda, but instead of going out to a workplace, we do all our creative work from home. 

We wake up around 9am, most days at least, and take advantage of the time we have while the kids are still asleep to get the day going. We go through emails, reply, send more emails, out, then we check our social media accounts to see what happened overnight and engage with our online community ( replying to comments and giving out likes). The next thing we do is follow up with our blogs, check the traffic, sources of traffic, update a thing or two, reply to comments on the blog, and analyze our work. This goes on for about 1-2 hours and by then the kids are up and we make some breakfast. This is somewhat like a 30-minute break.

For those that don't know, my wife is a mom, fashion, and food blogger over at and has had some amazing accomplishments! The rest of the day is different for both of us. I begin to edit the vlog from the previous day ( you can check out the vlog below) and get it published on YouTube and write a brief blog ( like this one) about what the video is about and giving some feedback. I have focused more on video lately and Ashley does a few videos here and there. However, what takes up most of our time is getting outfits ready and getting out the door to go shoot at different locations. Usually, we plan ahead for this, but we are a very spontaneous couple so we pretty much go out every chance we get, and yes, we bring our daughter along too. The time we spend out shooting pictures varies greatly but as soon as we get back home, we begin to edit pictures, write or finish a blog post, and that brings us close to dinner time. The rest of our day is following up on social media (yes again), insta-stories, doing facebook live, and planning for the next day. 

You can see what our day is like in the vlog below! We go out to shoot some pictures and you can see how we get it all done. I will be doing another video about this exact topic pretty soon! If you haven't seen our vlogs, I invite you to check them out and see what happens in our daily lives and catch all of the behind the scenes of our lives!

What Is Your Day Like?