Happy Wednesday y'all! We're starting a new series around here called "What I Wore Wednesday"! In case you missed it, My wife and I were in Miami for an entire week last week for Hispanicize 2017, and we had to pack multiple outfits which lead to both of use overpacking! But it all worked out because there were plenty of events, panel discussions, private dinners, and awards ceremonies to attend! I want to say, I'm proud of my wife for being a nominee finalist for the 3rd annual Tecla
Awards as a top Instagram Content Creator! We were both honored and proud to be representing the Lone Star State in Miami along with other amazing influencers! This was a week full of excitement and you can get a feel of the experience on the Vlog! ( found below).

Let's get to the outfits! Miami has a warm and somewhat tropical climate ( with a bit of humidity) so I wanted to go the casual and street style route for most of the time there, with the exception of the awards ceremonies. We arrived in Miami Sunday morning and it was non-stop until Thursday night. Since we roadtripped to Miami from Houston, we made a halfway stop near Pensacola to enjoy the trip and take in the sights.


The weather near near Pensacola was a bit cool in the morning, but overall a clear and sunny day. I pulled out some white shorts, a navy long sleeve, and a pair of navy casual shoes. I wanted to be relaxed and comfortable while yet feel like I was on vacation. We walked the pier and took in the views. 



This was the first day we arrived in Miami and since I over packed, as mentioned above, I wanted to get this outfit on and out of the way, but besides that, I love how navy and brown/camel colors go well together. I also wore green chino pants ( we were going to be walking a lot so it would have been too hot for jeans) and a grey tumble washed v -neck shirt to lighten up the top colors. I found these boots at Old Navy for less than $50!


Monday was so fast paced, and I knew it before hand. I also knew that most people where going to be dressed up a little more business casual, and I really didn't want to blend in. As mentioned above, I took on a street style approach and wore this black t-shirt with the word "Slay"  sown unto it ( pretty dope if you ask me), and went with these cotton jeans that have some stretch to it. Shoes are the classic Adidas Superstars. I finished off the outfit with a watch from JORD. Comfortable and stylish all day long.


A large portion of the day was spent on networking, meeting brand representatives, talking to PR agencies, talking to celebrities, and creating new relationships. I dressed it up a little but still kept it casual. Since we were going to be inside most of the day I wore a burgundy denim jacket over  a dark grey graphic t-shirt. On feet, I wore a pair of brown suede chelsea boots I found at H&M that paired well with the jacket and black jeans. You could also pair this outfit with black distressed jeans.


Rooftop pool deck views, fun discussion panels, and more networking. I don't wear my grey lace up boots often, and in this case, I dressed from the bottom up. Keeping it casual again, I wore slightly distressed jeans, black v-neck shirt, and a red and blue plaid button down shirt.


Thursday was the day of the Tecla Awards in which Ashley was a finalist for Instagram Content Creator and we didn't get any full outfit pictures but in case that we find the official pictuers I'll updated here. Friday was the day we were free to do whatever before we took back on the road. We couldn;t get enough of the Wynwood Arts District so we went back like 4 times! I wore a vintage denim jacket since it was a bit cool ( I think there was a cool front rolling in) an olive t shirt with embroidered patches and the distressed black jeans. There was so much color there that I didn't want to compete with the colors around me, so I kept the colors a little more muted. I wore the Adidas Superstar sneakers to stay on the neutral side of the color spectrum lol. 

I hope you found some inspiration or outfit ideas in this post or in previous posts! So once again, I will be doing this every Wednesday! Thanks for reading and let me know what you think in the comment section below ! Also, be sure to check out the Vlog!! Miami brought so many new experiences, new friends, and valuable networking. We enjoyed it so much that we will be going back to Hispanicize 2018 as a family! 

What are some of your favorite spring trends? Have you been to Miami?