It was on a late Monday night when I received a call from my friend Juan when I got asked if I was available to take the drive from Houston to Connecticut. I'm always down for a roadtrip, eve if it's within 12 hours notice ( yeah it was last minute ), but that worked for me so why not right?! We drove through some historic and legendary places like, Nashville, The White House, Sleepy Hollow, and New Orleans. Even though I was going on this trip alone, it opened up many new destinations that I want to go back to with my family. 

I have to admit, this was the longest drive I've ever done, but also one of the most beautiful. I would like to thank Juan ( Juan Of Words )  and  Anjelica ( Crafty Thrifter ) for their consideration and allowing me to go along with them on this trip. I was asked to drive since Juan is still recovering from an accident. The cool thing is that we both have similar roadtrip habits, like stopping in different cities and taking detours to go around traffic. In case y'all missed it, our first roadtrip together was when we drove down to Miami for Hispanicize 2017, You can check it our here

One thing I mention a couple of times, is that I have never been that far up north before ( previously Indiannapolis) . We arrived in Gladtonbury, Conencticut ( A suburb of Hartford ) after a day and a half of driving. I love driving, so this was a great experience. I got to see the White House, Lincoln Memorial, and so many cool things in D.C. . Somehow we ended up in the village of Sleepy Hollow ( the town where the legend of the headless horseman is based on ) and even though I had never seen the movie I enjoyed reading up on the town's history and as soon as I got home I watched the movie! 

So over the span of 5 days, we clocked over 56 hours of drive time, over 4,500 miles, and visited some cities that brought together an American experience! You can how the trip went, the friends I ran into, and the cities we will be going back to soon, all on the vlog below! What are some cities you would add to your roadtrip?

I left the DSLR at home since Ashley was going to need it more than I did, so I packed the gorillapod, phone clamp, rode video mic me, and my iPhone 6s Plus for all the video and photos. These are some of the cities we stopped in.

Elvis on Broadway in Nashville

We made a stop in Nashville for lunch

Hanged out at City Steam in Hartford, CT

There were some interesting art installations in downtown Hartford

Art Museum in Hartford

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We stopped in the quiet town of Sleepy Hollow

hudson river
The Tappan Zee bridge over the Hudson River

We stopped at a Greek restaurant for a quick bite

We made it to New Orleans and walked around the French Quarter

Bourbon Street in the French Quarter

live music and street performer in the French Quarter

Bourbon Street - French Quarter New Orleans

Musician playing in the French Market Square
Cathedral in the French Quarter

What would your version of an American roadtrip be like?