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As Father's day approaches, you start rushing for a gift that dad may like, but it doesn't have to be that way when you give the gift of experiences. Think of things that will bring new experiences and memories like a trip or a staycation at Hotel Ylem! I had the opportunity to stay here with my family and we enjoyed it and it was right here in our own city, Houston. You don't always have to go on a distant trip for a good time, look around and you will find hidden gems like this boutique hotel within the city.

In case you are still wondering, Father's day is Sunday, June the 18th! This will be my third, well actually the fourth, father's day if we're counting the time Camila was still in the womb. It's such a beautiful moment that still somehow catches me by surprise. I've always been adventurous and like to explore new places because they bring new experiences. Fatherhood teaches so many new things and at the end of the day, the family will forever be thankful that I was a loving and involved father. But this can only happen when one chooses to be there, it's a choice every father must take in life. I love doing things together as a family, even things like hiking up a steep mountain side or walking around downtown Houston.

Hotel Ylem is only a block away from NRG Stadium and a few blocks away from the Texas Medical Center

The most important thing for me has been sharing time, quality time together, and that's why we value experiences so much. So this father’s day, I invite you to share quality time with the family and look at staying at Hotel Ylem which is located just blocks from the Texas Medical Center. I have been able to see the renovation progress, from the hotel being an ordinary Holiday Inn to one of Houston's newest boutique hotels. Hotel Ylem has partnered with Charity Water and 100% of the proceeds from the mini bar and a percentage from the bar go to this charity. You can find a lot of water elements throughout the Hotel like the decor, restrooms, the carpets, and lighting. 

The word Ylem means beginning, and you can have your new beginning with the family for father's day! The location is perfect to go explore around town, doesn't matter if you are local or visiting. If you want to stay at a new, unique, and affordable place, Hotel Ylem will most definitely make this father's day memorable. As a family, we're constantly going out and exploring new places, and I believe that's the secret to our happiness. Not only is exploring something we love, but we enjoy it together as a family. That's what I want to inspire you with today. To go out and explore and create a new beginning of sharing quality time and exploring the world around you. Who knows, you may find hidden gems like Hotel Ylem !

Check out the vlog from our staycation

Learn more about the Dalwadi family and the motives behind this hotel renovation in the video below

From one dad to another, this day is to celebrate you being there for your family and that's the essence of it all. You being a loving and involved father makes the biggest difference in a family. 
In the case of the Dalwadi family, their father had roots in the hospitality industry and then his children had their own beginning in the industry as well, when Hotel Ylem came to the planning board. What I'm trying to say is that your children see what you're passionate about and will in turn learn how to pursue their passions too. Sometimes they are the same, sometimes they are completely different from what we may have envisioned them to have become. It's ok. We all take different paths in life, but the important thing is to make the best of it all and live life to the fullest, together.

Enjoy your family staycation at Hotel Ylem and have a memorable father's day! 

What would your staycation be like? What is your Ylem?