Hispanicize launched its first inaugural Hispanicize Texas event in Houston this past July 29th at Silver Street Studios. This is where many influencers, brands, PR representatives come together to learn, network, and find/create new opportunities. This is the 2nd branch of Hispanicize, with the main event being held annually in Miami, and the first event to branch out is Hispanicize L.A. 2017 will mark the 3rd annual event for Los Angeles. Hispanicize, however, did host the first event in Houston about a year and a half ago.. It was a small networking mixer that had a great turnout despite the short notice. There is a great potential in the Texas multi cultural market and I beleive brand s and businesses are starting to realize the potential in their communities. 

Hispanicize Texas was an all day event covering topics from Livestreaming to landing a book deal, and understanding business for influencers to learning what brands are looking for in influencers and bloggers. There is a whole market that most people don't understand, and I don't expect them too. some brands are barely understanding and trying to tap into influencer marketing. I'll leave it right there and not get too technical. I had the opportunity to work the event and help out in building the FABLatinos pallet wall. 

I caught up with many of my Texas friends and made many new friends. There's always a fun side to business though and the breaks were presented by United Airlines in celebrating over 25 years of flight service to Latin America. 5 of the countries that performed their cultural dances were, Brazil, Ecuador, Argentina, Mexico, and Peru. I shared a lot of cool and fun stories on my Instagram Stories so be sure to connect with me there as well as Facebook so you don't miss out on my livestreams! 

Here is the vlog covering the before, during and after of Hispanicize Texas! 

What Makes A Networking Event Fun AND Valuable?