I haven't been as active as I used to be or should be but when the weather clears up you take advantage of the outdoors. With thunderstorm warnings coming up on the forecast, I took the bikes out for a ride through the local golf course. Disclaimer! Please check with your local golf course if they allow bikes or joggers through the property. A quick side note, have you seen that challenge where people are getting run over by a golf cart?! Who comes up with that, not sure why anyone would be willing to do that. Anyway, there was none of that here but I did come close to getting hit by a golf ball while trying to get a picture int he middle of the course haha. That would have been my fault at full. Thankfully that did not happen. 

I'm glad that I have an adventurous family that is up for spontaneous things. We have a goal of completing the whole golf course in one trip next time we go since we had to cut our trip short. I love riding through the golf course because it has a nice topography ( elevation changes ), something that there isn't much of here in the gulf coast. My favorite bike trails are at Memorial Park though. If you love bike trails or mountain biking, that is probably the best places to go within the city of Houston.  See the vlog and let me know where your favorite bike trails are at? 

Vlog 104

What's your favorite outdoor activity?