On the latest episode of our family series on YouTube, Fridays With The Fam, Ashley and I opened up about being young Latino parents. Since we made the decision to be parents, we have seen, been told, and in some unacceptable ways even been ridiculed for making that personal decision. There seems to be an invisible social standard that seems to be imposed on all people and when someone falls out of line, they're automatically inferior, looked down upon, and wrong in all ways possible. I may seem like I'm just blabbing out and hating, but the reality of it all is that we want to break that stereotype, and dare I say, "social norm". We want to inspire parents in all stages of parenting and let them know that they are the best parents they can be for their kids. We also want to show that there is nothing special about being the "man of the house" or the "macho man" status, whatever that means. Rounding it up, breaking down what society and our culture think masculinity should be like.

A little background on us, my wife is 22 years old and I am 23 going on 24 very soon. We made the decision to become parents and made it happen under the difficult circumstances and slim chance of having a successful pregnancy. We've devoted our lives to our daughter, who is now 2, and want to be involved in all stages of her life as much as possible. Ashley is from a Mexican-American background and I come from a Guatemalan-American background, and we strive to teach and preserve, tradition, culture, and customs as much as we possibly can. We share with you how important it is for the both of us and open up to you in a way to inspire and to share our lives with other parents, young or old.

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How were your first months as a parent? Did everyone around you take it well or were you celebrated?