Driving from Houston to Dallas anytime soon? Here is our road trip from Houston to Dallas and places in between to give you an idea for your next adventure! Some are off the beaten path and some are just off the side of the road. #Letsgoplaces is Toyota's slogan but it's also one that our family lives by. We're always looking for new places to explore and share with our daughter and family. We hadn't really been to Dallas before ( been only three times before this) so we took the opportunity to make stops at interesting places along the way. We packed up the 2017 Toyota Highlander Hybrid XLE and started making our way out of our home base, Houston.

Before we get to the road trip part, I did want to mention that while we had the Highlander, we did get a rare snowfall due to snow storm Benji! This was an amazing moment for us but even more special because it was Mila's first snow ever! I think this has been the most snow I've seen fall upon Houston in my whole life. Just wanted to state that here since it was a memorable event in our lives.

Roadtrip From Houston To Dallas And Places In Between

There aren't many routes you can take from Houston to Dallas, but we chose one of the two that would take us through the city of Waco, Tx and that made for a great trip. Our daughter is 2 going on 3 so we like to stop often when we see something interesting, stretch our legs, or a quick restroom break since we are potty training. The trip non-stop under normal circumstances would take right around 4 hours but we were in no hurry so we made the best of our time.

We drove on highway 290 out of town and would be turning on highway 6 towards Waco. On the corner of 290 and Highway 6, there is a really cool place called Frazier's. The only reason we saw this place was because Mila spotted some life-size dinosaur models and so we made a quick stop here to take pictures and see what this place was about. This was like a dream for Mila. These dinosaurs were so detailed and life-like that it almost seemed as if they were going to unfreeze at any moment haha. If this is a route you're thinking of taking, have kids, or appreciate craftsmanship, make sure to stop by!

23200 Hwy 6, Hempstead, TX 77445

dinosaur Replicas

Dinosaur replicas

We soon got back on the road so we wouldn't lose much sunlight once we arrived in Dallas. Next up on the trip was Waco, TX. We have wanted to check out the Magnolia Market for the longest but didn't get around to is until now. After 2 quick hours of driving, we arrived at the market, which to our disappointment, was closed on Sundays...? Why? I have no idea, but we didn't let this stop us from taking some photos and taking in the sight from the other side of the fence. This is a place we will be going back to soon! 

601 Webster Ave, Waco, TX 76706

Magnolia Market Silos

With more time than we had anticipated, we decided to head over to Dinosaur Valley State Park in Glen Rose, which is less than an hour and a half drive southwest of Dallas. It was a bit past noon so we got down and walked along the river to see the dinosaur footprints left behind. Worried that we wouldn't have much time or sunlight to explore what Dallas had to offer. We hiked about 1 mile worth of trail and showed Mila as many prints as we could find. The park also has some life-sized dinosaur replicas throughout the park so this was a great time to run around and take pictures. This could very well be one of our new favorite state parks. We will be going back to camp and maybe even jump in the swimming hole!

1629 Park Rd 59 Glen Rose, TX 76043

2017 Toyota Highlander XLE Hybrid

And after a few hours of being on the road, we finally arrived in the city of Dallas and made our way right into the Bishop Arts District. We did some planning before the trip but because we were going to run out of sunlight soon, we just went around for a quick walk and look at the art and get a feel of the city. There were some awesome murals and shops around there and could only have looked at so much with the limited sunlight we had left. No worries though, we will be going back to Dallas pretty soon and can't wait to explore a lot more! As our first official road trip to Dallas, I think this was pretty cool and will be looking into different ways of taking this route next time. You can see our road trip adventure in the vlog! Feel free to like and subscribe to stay up to date with us!

What are some places in Texas that aren't that well known!?