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Traveling is one thing many families look forward to throughout the year with many trips planned for the summer. Our family is no stranger to spontaneous adventures and road trips, we all look forward to the next adventure once the weekend comes back around.

Fatherhood has many beautiful moments and it’s not only important to capture them as you go but to share them with the family to bring memories back to life through the emotions felt in a fleeting moment of fatherhood. Whether you are traveling out of the country, out of town, or out of the neighborhood, there are hidden places all across the world.

My daughter knows when we are about to go on a trip before we even tell her. It has become like an instinct! I am sharing this with you all today in hopes of inspiring you to get up and go on an adventure with your kids in one of these upcoming weekends. It really doesn’t have to be a trip of a lifetime, but you better believe that any trip you take with your children will be one that will live with you for the rest of time.

Before I get into what this photo means to me and my family, I want to share something with you to reflect on. Out of all the moments shared with your children, how many of those memories have you captured? Is there a photo your family can look at together and relive the emotions felt through that particular moment in time? Not to be confused with taking a photo of your children every second of their lives either.

We’re talking about those special moments that can’t be replicated no matter how hard you tried. The moments that bring back emotion when you look at them on a frame. The fun and beautiful moments filled with laughter and joy. Those are the ones that always make you feel something when you look back at them. And so what does this picture have to do with this and what’s the importance behind it?

To set the scene for you, this was a photo of my daughter and I in Dallas, Texas while visiting from Houston. On our last 30 minutes in town, we wanted to take in the sights. Scenery wasn’t really an option around that part of town but we love the scene left behind by talented artists at the Bishop Arts District. Murals are expressions captured by the artists, just like we as parents capture the fleeting moments of our kids.

Going to new places and seeing different things makes my daughter run with joy, literally! In this scene, we are walking across a mural painted over some construction barriers. It was a beautiful mural. I say was because these were only temporary murals to be taken down soon after construction was completed. It wasn’t so much the mural as it was the candid moment of my daughter pulling me to see more of the murals. It was a scenic moment for us. Also, it is important to note that taking pictures of kids is not always the easiest thing to do, so when you do capture the moment, it makes it so much more special! It was our last stop before heading back home and because we did, we now have a unique and special moment we can look back at and relive together.

Because adventures and creating memories go hand in hand, I want to offer you all an opportunity to create your own memories on an adventure of your own! There are so many beautiful moments in our lives and now your family has an opportunity to go on an unforgettable family vacation!

Thanks to Fracture, I can see all of our past memories and remember them as if they were yesterday. More than likely, you have heard the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words”, which I believe is true. Not only true, but also full of emotion. And it is those emotions that spark the lovely memories created. I see my daughter grow right in front of my eyes and I know that she won’t be this small for long. That is why I see the importance of capturing the moment because after all, it’s not only about adventures and creating memories, but also capturing the moments that matter most!

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