Chances are that you've heard someone complain about today's generation or another generation except their own. I have spent countless hours thinking about this and how this came to be and I have come to a conclusion. Parent's are the primary shapers of each generation they birth. 

As parents, we can manage and decide what our children are exposed to and most importantly what we teach them at home. It's difficult, and in some cases, impossible to keep our eye on our kids at all times. All we can really do is teach them good morals, ethics, and choices and trust that they use that once we release them into the world.

There are 3 main factors that shape a generation. Technology, Economics, and Parenting. The three go hand in hand. Technology has not only increased exponentially but also become easily accessible. It's been integrated into our daily lives, our education systems, workspaces, vehicles, and everything else around us. Would you say that life would be the same if we did not have access to technology? Technology, in my eyes, is a tool. And as a tool, it can be used to aid in our parenting. 

We have tablets, wifi, age restricted controls, kid-friendly animations, and many things that play a part in either educating or entertaining our children. This goes for all ages really. How long are your children on the internet, tablets, computers, television, and phones? It's a great tool but it is important to remember that it is a tool and shouldn't take over our parenting roles. No matter how bad or good your child is, parenting is of the utmost importance in their lives. Besides genetics, parenting determines how they go about life and view the world around them.

Last but not least, the economy. This is another factor that is constantly changing but as parents, we can change the economics of our own households. This is a bit broad, but as mentioned above, these factors can be divided into smaller parts and that is determined by each individual lifestyle, parenting approach, and socio-economic status. There is so much that goes on in raising a family and going about life. Economics as a whole is something that we can't change on our own but by taking control of our finances and changing our economic status we can have a greater and positive impact on our kid's lives. This changes a lot of things including how our children perceive society, finances, and value things.

The one factor that carries the most weight of the three is parenting, so let's not forget that we can change and impact our future generations. My hope is for you to leave here and reflect on how we can be better parents for our kids but also have the most impact in society. Beleive it or not, parenting is what really makes a generation and I want everyone to be the best parent possible so that we are shaping the best generations possible.

What are your thoughts?