By now, most parents and their kids have gotten used to the back to school schedule, but one thing is certain; we could all save some time, as well as fuel, from the long drop off and pick up lines. You could easily wait more than 30 minutes in line and if you leave your car on, that engine idling is wasting lots of fuel. However, that wasn't an issue with the 2018 Toyota Camry Hybrid SE, plus it had great looks and a sporty drive. It was exciting for it being a hybrid.

For the third year in a row, we have partnered up with Toyota USA for their annual Back To School Campaign and the new Camry Hybrid SE is a fun and stylish hybrid sedan perfect for small families. We've previously driven the RAV4 Limited as well as the roomy Highlander XLE. This year was different and a lot more special than others. It was our daughters first year of school (headstart actually) and we were excited about this new stage in life for our little girl. In the previous years, we've driven our cousins and sisters-in-law to school.

So what makes the Camry such a great car to drive?

I believe there are a couple of things that make a vehicle great, and even better for parents; Reliability, Fuel Mileage, and Safety. Looks and driving feel are a plus in this Camry SE model, similar to the Camry XSE.  You get renowned Toyota reliability, fuel consumption equal or close to the 44 MPG (combined) on the EPA rating, and standard on the Camry, Toyota's Safety Sense Package (TSSP). Safety is a great deal no matter the distance you are driving and with 10 airbags, this mid-size sedan made us feel safe on every drive. Our daughter loved the car because of the Supersonic Red color and how easy it was for her to get in the rear seats. The small details mean a lot to us. Safe to say we are all fans of this car.

The driving experience was a pleasant one with a little excitement here and there. That's thanks to the mode selections available. The Camry has 4 different personalities. An Eco mode (not electric), normal, sport, and EV mode. Each of these modes varied and that makes for a great drive in different situations. I constantly switched between the sport mode and the EV mode. Lately, my daughter has been fascinated with driving "fast". By that, passing a car equals going fast, even if that is in the middle of a traffic jam on the highway. It's cute, but when traffic clears up, I switch to sport mode and speed away, up to the speed limit of course. The 4 cylinder engine paired with the electric motor are a great combination and the suspension is a bit stiffer for the sporty drive and feedback.

I'll go ahead and say it. The 2018 Camry Hybrid SE may be the perfect mid-size sedan for small families or younger individuals looking for great value in a sporty yet environmentally conscious vehicle. This car deserves a test drive!

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