This post is in partnership with Nick Jr. These are my own true and honest opinions based on real-life experiences.

Let’s welcome an awesome time of the year for many. It is officially Fall now and we are looking to celebrate the great memories that come along with the upcoming festivities one of them being Hispanic Heritage Month. I’ve partnered with Nick Jr. to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with Canticos’ bilingual nursery rhymes on the FREE Nick Jr. App or  Nick Jr. on YouTube. We’ve been fans of Canticos for over a year and it’s bilingual content is great for our daughter since we speak both English and Spanish languages. The best part of it all is that parents and their children can put a little song in their hearts by watching Canticos together!

Now, I am not much of a singer, but singing with my daughter is at the very least cute. I want to be as involved in her life as possible and teach her about family tradition and be proud of our Hispanic heritage. Storytelling is a great part of sharing tradition, igniting imagination and creative thinking, and that is what the team behind Canticos is dedicated to. By telling authentic, and relevant stories from their personal experiences with the nursery rhymes and characters while growing up as kids themselves.

I have seen the impact that sharing quality time with my daughter has had in developing her skills as well as encouraging the power of play through learning. The time you share with your kids may be the most valuable in their lives, especially in their early toddler years. With Canticos, kids can learn simple vocabulary words, numbers, days of the week and more, both in English and Spanish. My favorite part of it all is when I hear my daughter singing and following along. This means a lot to me because these nursery rhymes have been around for generations and now are being shared through adorable characters and educational music videos. The classic rhymes are from all over the Spanish-speaking world and I’m excited to be highlighting this for Hispanic Heritage Month.

As parents, sharing with our kids these classic nursery rhymes is part of  our heritage too. I remember these songs as a child and loved them. They helped with basic learning skills and playing with other kids. It’s part of my childhood and now that my daughter is learning them, it’s like sharing a part of my childhood with her. Parenting can be tough, but fun educational activities makes it fun. Go celebrate and learn some classic nursery rhymes with Canticos!