This past weekend I did something that I thought would never happen in my life. My brother and I were talking about things we used to do when we were younger and we ended up talking about our fishing trips with our dad. Keep in mind, I am a very spontanous person and suggested that we go on an overnight fishing trip with my dad in the next 2 days. Little to no planning needed haha. We knew what to expect and had the right tools and equipments( well, my brother and dad did at least). I am no fan of fishing, and in fact, I have not been fishing in over 10 years until this past weekend.

Out of all the fishing experiences I have only caught one fish, and it was a fairly large sheephead caught in an estuary. The time we had to spend together was invaluable and I would, without hesitating, out aside my disliked and lack of skills to spend time with them. After we all graduated from high school and went about our own ways, we have not spent time together as we used to. That is why making an effort to spend time together is so important to me and something I try to share and show my family by example.

This trip was cut short by the weather and an unusual high tide that could have sunk my brother's new Jeep. We are in the talks of going on another trip and try to catch some more fish. I also would liket o note that I learned how to set up the fishing rigs. Honestly, that was one of the things that held me back from trying to fish. It's also about having some patience as well, something I had little of when I was younger. Now, I see the fun in fishing and the joy of spending time together in the outdoors.

I made this short vlog about parts of our trip. The high tide in the morning was probably our highlight!