This post is sponsored by Chamberlain Group (CGI). These are my own thoughts and opinions.

With Thanksgiving over and Christmas right around the corner, it is time to bring out all the decorations (or start buying them). This is a time where our family celebrates and gives thanks in the company of each other and all of that has to take place somewhere right? For the last 3 years, we have hosted a Thanksgiving and a couple of Friendsgiving gatherings which means plenty of food and, most importantly, preparation. In the process of creating an integrated home with smart devices, we included the myQ Smart Garage Hub and we're using it to the fullest this holiday season! My schedule is very irregular and often times I don't get to do a lot of shopping myself. So whether I am working from home and watching the kids or working remotely, I can have access to my home through our garage that also serves as our storage space.

With myQ, I can open up my garage remotely with my phone. I use this feature to let in family members without a key so they can drop off items in the safety of our home without having to leave them outside. I go ahead and close the garage afterward and carry on with my day worry-free. Through the myQ App, you can also keep track of your garage door activity for those times that someone else might have opened it and most importantly, with so many important things stored in our garage, they closed it. Sometimes we have family members stop by the house and take decorations out of the garage to help start decorating. That's a big help and I'm glad we can get a head start this year as well as free up some time for holiday shopping and maybe even take a day trip. Having this kind of accessibility and insight  to our home allows us to better use our time and spend it with our kids and family worry free.

I think one of the most useful features of having a myQ-connected smart garage is being able to link it to the  Amazon Key App  for free in-garage delivery. With the myQ Smart Garage Hub we were able to easily make our existing garage door opener smart and can now get our Prime orders delivered inside our garage instead of outside our front door. I could be at the grocery store, or even better, out of the city on a random road trip and still know our Amazon Prime gifts will be dropped off safely inside our garage. The Amazon delivery driver uses an encrypted code that’s linked to the package to open the garage door once they arrive and closes it before leaving the property. That is like having automation in your home, at least I think it is. This has been one of my favorite additions to our home, and I will continue to use this heavily throughout the holidays and into the new year. I use Amazon Prime all the time and having my deliveries indoors instead of sitting at my door for a couple of days really brings peace of mind. Now I don't have to cut my shopping short for the fear of having my packages damaged by the rain. (check here to see if you are eligible). 

I am ready for the holiday season! I can't wait for all the decorations to be put up and for the gifts on our holiday to-do list to start getting scratched off, without worrying any of our special deliveries going missing or being damaged by weather. Thanks to the connectivity of myQ, I can utilize my home more efficiently and host my friends and family in the smart home we have created!