As a dad, I want the best for my family, and one of those things is showing my daughters to be strong and creative individuals. As their dad and someone they look up to, I can best show them by being an example. For Valentine's week, I want to take them out and treat them and spend quality time with them. Having the flexibility to work from home opens up a lot of opportunities and I'm definitely taking advantage of the time I have with them. One thing that I have had to take into account is Isabella's lactose intolerance/dairy allergy. Mila can enjoy treats that have dairy but lately we have had to hold back on things as simple as ice cream. At least until we can adjust our eating habits to accommodate Bella's needs. We're not letting that stop our celebrations!

I wanted to take them out individually, because of the aforementioned allergy, but now think it is best to share time together and show them that we can share things together despite certain limitations. I have been trying to take the girls out a little more now that Bella is a little more patient. So, taking Bella out for ice cream with Mila, I look to see if there are any dairy-free options or pick up something like a cookie or a macaroon. This has made me pay attention to what we eat and more conscious about dairy in the majority of foods we consume. 

One of the things that I wanted to do was take the girls to the local father and daughter dance, and we missed that. But that is something you can do with your daughters. Find something that you normally wouldn't do with your kids, for some that may be taking the kids to the movies, or for those with older kids, going for some adventure like go-karts, sky diving, off roading, camping, or taking a day trip. You could do just about anything, but the important factor here is that you are taking time out of your day to dedicate it to them. It is a time to bond with your children, build that trust, and creating open communication. My daughters are 4 and 1, and Mila (4 yo) is at that age where she asks a lot of questions and curious about everything. It can be frustrating at times, to be honest, but I can't show her that and instead, try my best to continue the conversation and help her understand why certain thigns are the way they are. Helping her have that open communication with me and teaching her to find solutions and answers has been one of the few things that has helped us communicate more freely. 

Mila loves the jumping arena at the local Urban Air, and we don't go there often so that is one of the things we are doing. Another one of Mila's favorites is the Houston Museum of Natural Science ( they have her favorite dinosaurs!). So this Valentines, remember that dedicating time to our little ones is just as important as celebrating our significant others and spouses. How else would our kids know what to expect once they grow up? Being a girls dad has bee fun, and raising kids in this time of age require a lot of our time, attention, and wisdom. Logging off and on to celebrate my blessings! Happy Valentines!