We are moving! Yes, it is unfortunate as well as an inconvenient time to be doing that but it's on to bigger and better things. We were planning to renew our lease but my wife and I got curious and started to look around for different options and we came across a house with more space, a backyard, more windows (natural light), and an extra room for a dedicated office. This was a no-brainer, especially since we are going to be paying less. We are all excited for this move and looking forward to lots of great new memories. The only thing I will miss once we move is the gym but we are already looking at some cool workout equipment options for our garage. 

Currently, packing all non-essential items has been a chore since we have a lot of decor and items the girls don't need for the next few weeks. The last time we moved, I didn't help much since I was working at the plants 7 days a week. Ashley packed our last home in 2 weeks and I admire her for going through the whole moving process without me being around. Moving, in general, is not a fun thing to do, but in my case, I am glad to be home to be able to pack and move. We are packing away things by room and not by category or type of items. For example, all of our restroom items go into one box while the girls' restroom items go into another box. This will help a lot when the time comes to unpack in our new home.  Everything besides large items ( couch, table, bed frames, mattress, etc.) will go into boxes making everything easy to organize, transport, and unpack. We got these medium size boxes from the Home Depot for 89 cents each!

This weekend I packed away all our plates, bowls, and some kitchen appliances, only leaving behind one pot and pan. All decorations, shelves, and picture frames have come down too. We are now less than 3 weeks away from the moving date and I am trying to stay ahead in order to not rush and go into panic mode. Our goal is to simply have everything packed away in our garage beside the mattress we'll sleep on the night before. That way, everything that needs to get loaded for moving is in one place. So far, so good. With everything going on in the world, I want to make this move the least stressful as possible.  Do you have any moving tips?