This post is sponsored by Chime, however, these are my thoughts and opinions based on personal experience.

Being financially responsible is something that I am proud of and have had to learn through some trial and error. The best thing I could have done was set myself up with the right tools and accounts that would help keep finances in order. Thanks to Chime, I have been able to keep everything in order and allow me to responsibly manage finances. Banking should be simple, transparent and easy to use on your mobile device, something Chime is great at. I have been using Chime for a couple of years now and just recently upgraded my card to the new one with the EMV chip.

There are some great benefits with this banking card that I want to share with you. Having transparent features in your banking app, especially during these times, are highly important.  Chime does not have monthly or overdraft fees. This is essential when you are trying to sort out your finances and building a savings or emergency fund. You can also benefit from no balance minimums and  no international fees which are great for those who travel abroad. As a dad, I am convinced that learning about, and managing your finances, is essential in building generational wealth, and passing it on to your children. Chime has a great platform and being able to have these tools and features in one easy to use app is great.

I also enjoy getting daily account balances and notifications on transactions and having the safety features makes me feel at ease and know that my money is safe. You can also use your card for mobile payments like Apple Pay and Samsung Pay. For iPhone users, simply add your Chime card to your Apple Wallet and carry it with you digitally without actually carrying the card on you. 

For eligible members, you may be able to get your direct deposit up to 2 days early, great for when you need access to your money right away. Chime has a lot of features that adapt to your needs and spending habits. You can also automate your savings in the form of round-ups to save money as you spend. You could also automatically set aside 10% of every paycheck to your Savings Account. . These are the features that make banking easy and great for a world where connectivity makes our lives a little easier.  I invite you to learn more about Chime here and consider how Chime can be great for you >