217 days of Fatherhood. The exact number of days since Camila was born, She's changed my world and given me a better understanding of life. We get easily carried away by today's life duties that we oversee all the beautiful small moments.

     We are now at the crawl-everywhere stage and my does she move! she can be at your feet one moment and then you'll find her by the TV. She officially started crawling at  six and a half months and  in these last couple of weeks she's strong enough to pull herself up to a standing position using a box or anything she can lean on. Whenever I see this, I hurry and put a blanket or a big pillow so she has something cushioned to fall on. To all the new dads, make sure the floor is free of any small items because they will eat it!

Camila and Mommy after her breakfast
     Ashley and I take turns watching her, for example, I'm typing this blog and Ashley went to sleep. Or sometimes I go out and then another day Ashley will go out. It's very important and crucial that we all do this together. We learn through this process together and together we raise Camila.

360 Bridge Overlook in Austin- Yes we hiked up there

     For me, the hardest part to overcome so far was watching Camila alone at her first months. I would have had a hard time figuring out what she wanted when she cried or when she got really fuzzy. Don't worry gentlemen, you will come to learn your baby inside and out, all their little fits and fuzzes. Don't be afraid , be a dad and not a babysitter.

Our Little Princess

Camila is a huge blessing in our lives and I'm sure your little ones are as well. So from a dad to another dad, always remember to be patient and calm, understanding and passionate, and be the best daddy you can be!

What are some things you've learned through Fatherhood?

See you around Superman,

Jeff Segura