If you were to ask me a year ago if I had any interest in becoming a blogger or even considered it, my answer would have been no. That’s in no way or manner  a bad thing, it would have simply been  a “No” from uninterest and lack of exposure to it. I simply didn’t know enough. This all began to change a couple of months back when my fiancé, Ashley, became a blogger herself at NewMomInANewEra.com. If it weren’t for her, I would have never realized there were a vast number of communities and clubs bloggers had created.  As Ashley’s blog began to get more traffic I started seeing what blogging was really about and I was sold! I love the connections, the new friends, the vast amount of opportunities, and  the tools to voice my ideas, thoughts and interests with others alike and with the world itself.

I thought to  myself, many times if I should start my own blog, and it was at a Houston Area Bloggers party that I made up my mind and said “Yes, let’s get this ball rolling”. Many, if not all, of the things I could relate to and with the encouragement of JuanofWords and CraftyThrifter,  I saw this opportunity at my immediate grasp.  There were a few ideas I had in mind at this point and they were either going in the menswear fashion direction or more of a dad/lifestyle blog, and by the looks of it, I decided both! I saw new grounds to conquer and grow.

Everything that we do is an art form in my opinion. Fatherhood is full of creative ways to teach and interact with our children, and we learn new things in the process. From the moment Camila was born to this very day, I’ve learned countless new lessons that  I would have otherwise, never learned. Not saying that I was never planning on having children of my own, but because we decided to have one at an early age.  There is no right or wrong age to have children, but there are some extremes. Today’s society is so fast paced and self- centered that we kind of forget to live and enjoy the small moments throughout the day. Needless to say, have children.  I was an oddball. By the age of 13 I was thinking about my future, my career and family I would one day create/have. There was no rush or any pressure into the decisions I’ve made thus far, but self-conscious and thought-out  plans. I wanted to enjoy my children at a young age and not have them at a later time as if it were a duty to do so. As mentioned before, everything we do is a form of art, Make it your own, be proud of the things you’ve accomplished no matter how big or small, keep moving forward, and above all, enjoy life.  Every day I grow as a father and am more than excited to show the world that life is not over once you have kids. DIy’s are creative, fun and lots of interaction. Crafts are not the One may close themselves out to the world but life will never pause and we’re here to live it!

Fashion is a passion I’ve aspired  and in pursuit of; to become a fashion savant. Inspired by the likes of @GentsLounge on Instagram and the hundreds of other fashion bloggers out there.  I’m the kind of man that loves to dress up in a suit and tie and love it, not as an attire requirement but as a way of expressing and representing myself, and now my family.  High school was a different story, dressing pretty basic you can say, jeans, t-shirt or polo-shirt, and Sperry shoes. It has all changed since then for sure. I love the fashion community, both men and women’s as well as the events we all get together in, complimenting each others outfits and discussing up and coming trends.  Want to give my friend @maladybelle for also encouraging me at a recent event to jump and rise to the occasion without over thinking things, bringing you my genuine self.

Overall, I’m ecstatic to share with you, my life and how my fatherhood lifestyle and fashion grow over time along with my princess Camila. I’ve come a long way, but I’m not done yet!

See you around, 
The Daddy Style Diaries
Mastering the art of Fatherhood & Fashion.