Entrepreneurship. It’s an idea that has crossed about every mind in this world, unfortunately, that idea doesn’t go much further than that. Why? You may ask. The answer is very simple.            

It wasn’t enough.

There has to be a dream, a big dream. Take a look around and if you come to think of it, everything started off as an idea and their respective founders made it a reality. Last night, I had the pleasure of meeting a group of beautiful, successful, and passionate bloggers and business owners from the Houston area. And as you can imagine, they all have a dream and a passion that has given them the levels of success they have now.

The event was called Entrepreneur Talk 101 and held in one, if not the best, patisserie in Houston: Dolce Delights by Candance Chang. This was not my first event, but, it was my first event as a blogger! There couldn’t have been a better event than to start with entrepreneurship 101. I was there to learn, and the panel surely delivered. Candace, the owner and founder of Dolce Delights, shared valuable information with the group, such as learning to remain calm when things go wrong, knowing who your audience/ customer are, and staying true to who you are. She had this dream and worked for it, did her research, and focused on making this a reality, because this is what she's passionate about. Another panelist, rongrong_devoe_illustration put down some knowledge as well! She shared with us about being persistent and emphasized the importance of making connections, (which by the way, she pointed me towards certain contacts that will be essential to my goals!!). 

        You also have to be happy and enjoy what you do. There is no way on earth that someone will want to follow your steps or take your advice when you don’t enjoy or even appear to enjoy what you do. Elly Brown from Uptownwithellybrown was also there and gave loads of important information and know-hows essential to success. Elly mentioned the importance of being connected with your audience and learn how to think of them more as friends other than simply viewers. Being genuine, exactly what I wrote about on my first post. Don’t complicate yourself by trying to be someone you really aren’t. That’s not to say that you can’t change, but for you to speak and share from the heart. Be you.

       Nicole from LipstickandBrunch also poured out from her heart. To say she's a busy woman would be an understatement! I've had the opportunity to meet her at other previous events and she inspires with all that she says. We have to be bold, especially as entrepreneurs, as well as confident in who we are. everything we do is a reflection of us and we all want others to see us at our best, right!? On other thing that Nicole is knows for is her originality and consistency! Don't be afraid of creating your own brand , it's what you have to offer everyone. Success is sure to follow once you put some consistent action towards your goals. This is key!

  What a great way to start my journey with some of the best advice and information. Find out what your dream is, and don’t forget to Dream Big! Stay connected and be nice to everyone, for you never know who they may know.

" If the dream  is big enough, the facts don't count!"

What advice would you share or have received a the start of a new venture?

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