It may just be that we, as men, don't dress up as often to avoid being over-dressed. There really isn't anything wrong with being over-dressed, we just have to be confident enough to rock it. But in the case that your outfit is more than what the event calls for, here are some ways you can dress it down.

I wore an H&M blazer over a basic white button up shirt and threw on a red tie for a blue and red contrast. For the bottoms, I wore some skinny fit jeans with cognac colored shoes and matching belt (  always match your belt to the color of your shoes! )

This was a business casual outfit and the weather was perfect to match it, with the weather being in the high 60's. As a Houston native this is what we start calling "cool weather".

So back to dressing it down.
We went to eat out with the family and the tie was a bit uncalled for, so I took it off and loosened up some buttons (just two! ). This was a more relaxed casual look. But if that's not enough, you can also take off the blazer and roll up the shirt's sleeves (neatly). And if you're the kind of guy that gets hot or is uncomfortable with tucked in shirts, then you can also tuck your shirt out but have to consider doing so when wearing a dress shirt and not a sport shirt. ( one of the main differences is the length of the shirt).

Whichever your style may be, be confident and rock it. If not comfortable and trying to figure out your style, ask your significant other, they can usually give you an honest opinion.


Jeff Segura