Don't you just love rushing out of work!? I do; especially when I have places to go and people to see.
There's just so much to do during this time of year, you'd wish you could leave work early everyday. It doesn't quite work that way, but yesterday, I caught a little Thursday rush.

I rushed out of work at 4:15pm and zoomed home for an event that was starting at 5pm ( I apologize to all the drivers out there I had to cut off ). Once home, I went to say hi to Camila then freshened up and threw my outfit on. We rushed out the house and made our way to the Blue Leaf; a home goods and gift shop boutique. However, the night had plans of it's own.

Blue Leaf is a space where people find a curated collection of products that can be used in different aspects of someone’s life, not just in their homes but also in any other space or occasion, enriching the quality of their experience with high quality products that amuse and embellish providing character and stories to tell. (source )
I had never been to the Blue Leaf, and I've surely been missing out. The shop is actually a home turned business and it is beautiful. Every piece in the shop has a back story and there are multiple items that you can use as displays at your holiday parties! We were invited by Rongrong DeVoe who was going to be doing live sketches at the shop. She took a pic of Ashley and I and was going to sketch us. Make sure you check out her works of art on instagram and her website. We did some small shopping and then I was really falling for the rotating Christmas tree. 

While we were there, Rongrong asked if we were going to the blogger event at Top Shop in the Galleria. I didn't forget about the event but I would have never thought that I could have made it there on time from where we were at. So that was something we threw in the agenda! We left the shop around 7 along with Rongrong, who was also going to TopShop. I was really hyped up because we were able to make it to both events. So rushing we went!

Tid Bits Houston Holiday Party at TopShop Houston
It was such an unexpected turn of events but that's how some of our best memories have happened. The blogger event hosted by tid bits houston was actually their holiday party! BTW if you haven't been through TopShop and TopMan before, you should definitely make the stop.There was music, drinks and hair dressers there for those who wanted to get a quick hair styling. It was a great event and I also got to make some important connections ,which was how I found out about the event in the first place a few weeks back. I met Marvin, the personal stylist at TopShop and TopMan. We discussed some of my ideas and plans for future events along with some styling tips. What a great night. Check him out when you're at the Galleria.

My go to from now on

Since we were already at the Galleria, we took this chance to do some shopping for myself and for our holiday events coming up. We ended up looking through Banana Republic, Macy's and H&M ( some of my faves ). Ashley had a school reunion the following day so she searched for an outfit at H&m. while there, I took the time to look through some pieces to add to my wardrobe. 

New Outfits Coming soon!
We made our last picks and paid out. It was such a great day with great friends and great finds. Can't wait to post some more outfits! But the best part of my day was going back home and seeing my baby happy to see me! Thanks to my mother-in-law and sisters-sin-law ( this counts as a shout out!) for being supportive and always willing to give us a helping hand. 

It was all just a little Thursday rush.


Jeff Segura