Planning The Holidays As A Couple

We are now at that time of year we have all been waiting for! Doing some gift shopping here, planning a Christmas party there, and taking holiday pictures. But for the couples, one of the toughest decisions to make is deciding where to spend the Holidays. 

Making a decision of this sort calls for some somewhat serious planning - at least for us it is.Both sides of our families want to spend the Holidays with the baby, especially it being her first Christmas. All of this starts about 2 weeks prior to Thanksgiving! We started this "trend" ever we started dating. On our first holiday season together I tried to spend time with both families and it didn't quite work out so well. There's just too much running aroun and spent more time in traffic than enjoying  a nice hot chocolate by the fireplace. The following year we spent it with my family and have alternated ever since. 

Every family is different, for example, My family does Christmas on Christmas Eve and open their gifts at midnight. Her family does Christmas the traditional way, on the 25th.  This way we can plan on spending time with both families, except when my family goes out of town. For the new couples, remember to do what makes you happy and where you feel comfortable together. Try out different things and talk it out. Knock out the gifts of the family you're spending time away from and send a nice family holiday picture. You can also order some personalized gifts They'll love that and make  them feel loved and remembered. For New Years, video chat them or make a phone call, stay connected, very important.

Whatever you may decide to do, enjoy your holidays and have fun with the family. Don't stress out too much about it and keep in mind that some plans do change, especially with large families. 

 We can't wait for Camila's first Christmas! So excited over on this side!

Segura Family

Happy Holidays from ours to yours,

Jeff Segura