Whoever thought the second night of Kaleidoscope couldn't be topped was completely wrong. If you missed it, well I'm sorry, but here is a recap that will briefly show you what you missed out on.

The night was crisp but alive with music (GenerAsian Radio), laughter, and chatter from the guests. I was still hyped about the previous night, which you can read about here, and delighted to see a completely different crowd. We arrived at "La Mansion" were stylists, designers, bloggers, and a wide array of people were present. It was a good time and opportunity to meet some of Houston's top designers such as the likes of Steve Guthrie and Umair Khan with Meru Merus. Their clothing is beautiful and made with utmost detail. Keep an eye out for their future work,

It was Jet Set Night and there was a cultural and worldly feel in the atmosphere along with amazing fur coats and jackets. Saturn Hoops was performing before the show started, and they were catching the crowd with colorful light-up custom hula hoops and some fire act displays. Kinda kept you warm if you stood close enough lol.

John Newinn and Chyna Wheatly were about to kick off the show so I went over to find my VIP seat which gave me the best shots and angles of the night. Make sure you get your VIP tickets to get the best seats in the house! We kicked it off with some poetry by Christopher Polanco, a local spoken word poet and the night took off! The poetry was followed by one of Houston's own designers, Steve Guthrie, and my oh my is his work beautiful. He brought out some pieces of his new collection and all eyes were up and down every single dress that walked the runway. Up next, came a dance performance by Son Kiss'd Dance Company. Their dance performances are full of energy and some pretty awesome transitions! You're sure to catch yourself dancing to their beats.

The night was cold but the swimwear models rocked the runway and brought out some heat with Lombana by Jessica Lombana. Her swim wear can be seen in Texas' very own Miss Texas Pageant! For all the ladies getting ready for spring break, make sure you check this out first! Wrapping up the fashion runway shows was Meru Merus. I saw some beautifully made gowns and dresses and, Umair Khan, is also from Houston! I'm telling you, our fashion industry is going to escalate to new levels. Our last performance experienced was that of a cultural dance performed by Culturally Yours African Dancers. We got that cultural taste of dance and music and everyone enjoyed it! The dancer had on some ostrich feathers, which I thought was awesome! Oh! and her footwork was amazing, it just captivated the audience along with myself. 

Rong Rong Illustration- This is one of her first full-sized fashion paintings

Saturn Hoops performed once again to wrap up the show and the crowd went paparazzi on them lol. This was an amazing event and it was a great night in Houston. We mingled and had the chance to talk with some of the designers and artists. I'm very thankful for an event like this; it brings unity and  also brings forth some awesome collaborations.

Remember to support your local artists and stay tuned for the third and final day of Kaleidoscope 2016! It only gets better!