Fashion Group International - Houston (FGI)

I had never heard of them but after they hosted FGI's #MeetTheBloggers I'm certain I'll never forget them. FGI- Houston is a premier global and professional organization with designers, stylists, event coordinators, photographers, and those who are involved in the fashion industry. As a member you have access to their training program and exclusive events. Houston's fashion industry is at a brink of a boom, and surely about to happen. Make sure you connect with fashion professionals to stay informed, know what's happening in the fashion industry, and expand your fashion career/expertise.

So with that being said, allow me to share with you some of my highlights at FGI's Meet The Bloggers night at River Oaks District iPic Theatre. The event was made with the purpose of connecting two sides of the fashion industry that rarely worked together. Connecting Fashion Designers, Stylists, Boutiques, Event Coordinators with some of Houston's Top Bloggers. By working together, we can all solidify Houston's Fashion industry and help each other network while also help other's reach their goals and dreams. Sometimes, as a blogger, we gravitate towards well known and established brands but that was not the case when we all met at the Tuck Room inside iPic Theatre. 

awesome wall art, seems like I will have to go back to do it some justice
The turnout for the event was greater than anyone could have expected. The Tuck Room was packed with about 100 people in attendance (compare that to the usual 30-40!) I checked in and got my little name badge and soon after took off to greet some friends who were present and network. I made a lot of amazing and important connections, as a blogger and also for future personal goals as a future designer (stay tuned for hints!). Early on in the night, I ran into my friend Frederick from Mocha Man Style and joined together to talk to a recently launched brand: Modasi. In fact, they had launched the day prior to the event and are working on their first collection due to release this spring! Their brand can be compared in style to COS.

Myself, Fred, and Owner of Modasi (source)
I ran into a designer I had recently seen but didn't get to meet personally.Umair Khan is the designer for fashion brand Meru Merus. I had front row seats to his fashion runway show and it was amazing.Give yourself the opportunity to see his work on his website! Look forward to seeing more amazing pieces from him soon! I talked with him about recent and future events and some of his plans for  the brand and it's looking good. 

Umair Khan, Designer and Owner of Meru Merus

I had the pleasure of meeting an up-and-coming shoe designer in Houston, Ronald Roy. He designs men's boots with a renegade and rebel style. As of now he designs men's shoes and has plans on expanding into clothing design. I love boots and his boots were hot! Made in Italy with premium hand-picked materials. 

Ronald Roy Combat Boots

Meet the designer - Ronald Mackey
I had a blast and made countless other contacts at this event and look forward to the next event. Houston is a big city with a lot of talent, don't be afraid to come out and connect! Together we can establish Houston's Fashion industry. Thanks again to FGI Houston for hosting this marvelous event and for opening your doors to the blogging community! Look forward to seeing everyone again!