So your significant other decides to go shopping at the mall for some items and completely catches you by surprise.

Sound familiar? Happens all the time!

What you do next is critical, believe it or not. You could just throw the first couple of clothes in plain sight or put a little thought into your outfit without over doing it. After all, a little thought is all you need. By doing so, you will avoid looking like one of those guys. Get what I'm saying?
But fear not! I have an idea that can change the way you approach these public places without taking too much of your time.

Staples of a man's closet.

Button Down Long Sleeve Shirt, Distressed Jeans, and white sneakers to wrap up the outfit.

Going to the mall shouldn't be a hassle to get ready for.  A casual outfit will suffice, really.

I make sure I have plenty of clothes at hand for these kind of occasions. All you will need are three main pieces:

  1. Long- Sleeve button down shirt/ Polo t-shirt/ short-sleeve button down shirt
  2. Pair of jeans to contrast the color of your shirt
  3. A pair of white or light colored sneakers
In this case I opted for a red, white, and blue checked long sleeve shirt from ASOS paired with a pair of distressed jeans from Abercrombie & Fitch. As some of you may know, red and blue are contrasting colors and the blue colors of the shirt and jeans went perfectly together. This is, after all, a casual outfit and the options available to you are endless. You could also pair a nice Polo t-shirt and go for a sport look. Or even a short sleeve button down shirt will do, giving you some spring and summer vibes. 

Taking a breather after running around chasing sales
It's great knowing that somebody put thought into a little green space

The shoes of choice were a crisp pair of Chuck Taylor II's in all white. The white shoes gives the whole outfit a crisp and clean look overall and brings the whole outfit together. I won't go into the shoe details but they have made a lot of changes to this classic shoe and it is all for the better.

Adding a few details, I wore a white faced Fossil watch with brown leather straps. I love how white and brown go together and to stay on the lighter side of the color spectrum, I added a brown woven belt. There is a general rule when it comes to accessories, and that is, match or wear the same color group when it comes to your details. I matched the browns of the belt and watch and the white face of the watch kept the overall white balance together throughout the outfit. One last thing I added was my favorite volcanic rock skull bracelet to decorate the wrist along with the watch.

If you haven't got around to trying these new Chuck Taylor II's yet, make sure you do so the coming weekend!

Guess who forgot their sunnies... this guy

Next time your significant other pulls a fast one on you, just have these tips in mind when putting together a quick casual outfit. Let me know in the comment section below how everything works out for you!

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What are some tips you can share with us when it comes to putting together a quick outfit?