Outfit For The Urban Explorer

I'm a city guy. Being born and raised in the city, this should come to no surprise, and even now that I live outside the city limits you can find me roaming the city with my family (honk at me if you spot me! )  Typically, I prefer  a casual outfit when I go exploring around town and put on a good pair of boots. I'm a sucker for a good pair of boots, and they're a big plus if they are comfortable.

We decided to go explore new places around Downtown Houston and for that I chose a a grey roll-tab shirt to go along with a new pair of grey lace up boots. So far, these are my favorite pair of boots and if all you have are black and brown boots, these should be next on your list! For the bottoms, I went with a slim straight pair of blue jeans to contrast the grey accents. For the wrist, I wore a gunmetal blue faced watch and black volcanic rock skull bracelet. To wrap up the outfit, I threw on my everyday bag from GOOD Merchandise which was primarily designed as a diaper bag for dads. This bag is stylish enough for everyday wear, hence the name. It can pass as an undercover diaper bag lol. Stay tuned for the full review of the everyday bag coming up this week!

There is so much to see

Favorite Pair of Boots

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What are you most comfortable in when exploring the city?