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As a father, you're always running into new surprises, that is inevitable! No matter how well you prepared during the pregnancy, life will do its best to throw you a curveball, and it'll be the best timed event in history. For example, I've had incidents where I've forgotten something, such as the diaper bag or a pacifier, at home and the one thing I thought wouldn't happen, comes to pass. There will be times you forget something, and there are times where you'd wish you had the ultimate diaper bag to fit everything into.

Well, that's exactly what I am bringing to you today. I had the pleasure of meeting the founders of Good Merchandiseandise, a creative company dedicated to providing well-made, functional, and versatile products, and got together to bring you this awesome collaboration sharing one of their GOOD products. My first diaper bag was actually a black and pink zebra print bag that I shared with my wife and I was in dire need of help! I know I'm not the only guy that has gone through this. So this one is for you!

This is the Everyday Bag from Good Merchandise. Essentially a diaper bag, it's also a stylish bag that can be worn in one of two ways: as a back pack or as an over the shoulder bag. This is a nice feature of the bag, and these guys have thought out this bag well. In the period of time I reviewed the bag, I learned that wearing the bag as a back pack is ideal for longer walks or when you'll be walking through congested areas such as the mall. Wearing the bag over the shoulder is ideal for when your baby is antsy, frustrated, or hungry, it gives you quick access to everything you need. The exterior is made up of canvas and is available in two colors: Green/ Tan and Tan/Navy.

My favorite part is the interior. It's what sets a bag apart! If you've ever had a spill, this will come as a relief! It's waterproof! Yes, the inside is made of waterproof materials and has more than enough compartments for all of your needs and more. When needed, I can fit both my IPad and my laptop along with all of my baby needs and take it to work and nobody would know it's a diaper bag! The way the compartments are placed inside the bag, accommodate everything in a way that everything can be easily stored and accessed quickly. You also have two pockets on the outside of the bag that can hold large bottles if needed.

This may very well be the ultimate daddy bag. A true daddy bag for dads designed by dads. Go show them support on their social media and share with a dad or daddy-to-be you know!

What are some things you have experienced with a diaper bag as a first time parent or rather lack of a diaper bag!?