This past weekend was Easter Weekend and whether you celebrate the holiday or not, the weather was perfect to spend time with family outdoors. This is a great time to go take pictures with Blue Bonnets so make sure you go snap some pictures! I always thought there was a law against picking up bluebonnets, since they are Texas' state flower, but apparently there isn't? At least not in San Antonio.

My weekend started off to a great start. I got the day off and  spent some good quality time with the family Friday morning. In the evening, we attended a blogger meet & greet hosted by a fellow blogger friend, Travis White, at the Ecco store inside The Galleria. Ensuing that event, we stopped by one of our friends,  housewarming party and enjoyed some good food, drinks and some the classic game of twister!

Saturday was fun! We woke up bright and early to attend Building an Online Brand Workshop, presented by Sandra Fernandez from Sandra Says Media and Juan Alanis from Juan Of Words. We learned a lot of valuable and critical information and spent some time with our beloved digital influencer friends. That same afternoon we were to take off to San Antonio to celebrate Easter Weekend with the in-laws.

Trips to San Antonio from Houston aren't too bad, only because we go quite frequently. The quick 3 hour drive was over when we met with smiling and  happy faces at the end of the road. We made it just in time to the easter egg hunt and got showered with confetti filled eggs which took place at San Antonio's McAllister Park. Sunday came along with great home-made traditional style cooking and a trip to a local blue bonnet field. Our baby Camila had behaved all trip and decided to give us a tantrum while we were taking family pictures. But we managed to squeeze some pictures in between her tantrums.

Check out the pictures from my Weekend Snapshots!

Travis White from UnkeptGentleman

Hope you had a  great weekend!

What are some things that you enjoy doing on the weekends as a family?