This week, Houston was hit with a great amount of downpour, causing most, if not all, of its waterways to swell over their banks. Without say, the community is always affected by these kinds of storms and can bring the people together during these chaotic times. There isn't one person that goes unaffected by these occurrences, there could be a family member or friend that has been affected , or maybe somebody that they know. Roadways are either flooded or blocked off with stranded cars, and the city almost appears to fall asleep for a brief period of time.

There is something special that happens when times like these come around, and everywhere you look you will see the helping hands of neighbors and bystanders volunteering to help those in need.
One thing that immediately stand out  in my eyes are the families affected. I see how a father holds his children dearly as they wade through the waters, a mother holding her newborn close to her chest, and how the children seek the safety of their parents' arms and care. This brings me to meditate and reflect on the importance of the family. 

Standing tall together
Some households lost nearly all or all of their belongings, but families remained standing. This goes to show that the value of family far exceeds that of materialistic things. Now, this is an obvious statement, but we can see the reality of love and compassion when we endure events such as the floods we experience in Houston. Fortunately, I haven't been directly affected by the floods, but I can only imagine myself seeking the safety of my child and family. Nothing else matters when they come first, and I am moved when I see parents put the importance of their family as a priority. It shows the great value a family has and that is exactly what I am trying to convey to you. 

There are values in family, and every family has its different values. Some of those can be love, compassion, respect, perseverance,  tradition, morals, and so on. The value that creates the essence of family is unity. When a family comes together and works together in unison you can see what they stand for and whenever there is unity, love is always present. The events we are going through in  Houston are indeed unfortunate, but the unity of families and communities in these times serve as a reminder that when you have lost all, your family always remains your everything.

My Everything

- Jeff

What are some events in your life that have brought your family together?