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Summer is right around the corner and the time is right for a trip to the beach. That is exactly what we did this past weekend. I put on khaki shorts and a white button down shirt and I was near beach ready. All that was left was a pair of boat shoes and my watch from Fossil. I'm a big fan of Fossil watches, if you haven't noticed yet, you can check out some of my other watches here and here. I partnered with Fossil to bring you my view of the brand #fromwhereistand and express myself with #FossilStyle .

The beach is wonderful and can almost be magical during sunset, and that was one of the reasons that drew us out to Galveston. This was the second time we've gone since Camila was born, and this time she could walk and play in the sand. As a father, you delight yourself in seeing the joyous laughs and smiles coming from your children. There is nothing quite like it, and it's almost like a driving force to care for them in the best way possible.

As a child, my family would frequently take trips to the beach for leisure and on fishing trips. Many memories were created and I would love for my daughter to experience some of the things I did as a child. One of my favorite parts of Galveston, is the Seawall. This structure is historic and serves a great purpose for the city

I love the big blocks of concrete and granite that line the entire seawall and when we got there, it was almost as if the inner kid in me came back to life! I was all over the rocks just as a young child would have done. A word of precaution: some of the rocks are extremely slippery, especially after high tide. I had a few slips here and there, fortunately, I was able to catch myself...except for one fall lol. Galveston has flourished into a tourist hot spot and I can't wait to show Camila the great things I have experienced as a kid as well as experience new ones together!


Fossil Townsman Automatic Watch

The watch is classic and elegant, enhanced by its rose gold color tone.
The case ( 44mm) is covered by a crystal glass that shows the craftsmanship and mechanical gears
The brown weather all straps ( 22mm ) are tougher than your regular straps and can withstand more wear and humidity.
Being an automatic watch, it means that the watch is powered by the motion of your arm. The motion puts tension back in the spring inside the watch which turns the gears.
This watch can easily be worn from the office to a dinner date and yet casual for a day on the beach!

If only you all knew how hard it was to get to this rock 
watch your step!

One day, she will be able to see the world through my eyes

Loving the rose gold accent

We had a great time together

I find myself wondering , how did  I manage to stand still on these slippery rocks!?

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What memorable place would you like to take your children?

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