I was in pursuit of a tailor, not just any tailor, but the best tailor in town. During a local meet and greet, a friend of mine introduced me to a person that would change my life. I had finnaly found the tailor I was searching for far and wide. This goes to say, all who search shall find, right?!

Adam Leibold is one of the tailors at Balani Custom Clothiers and has shown me the great things that come with the custom life. From the moment we met for the first time to the day I went in to take my measurements, I was met with an energetic and nkowledgable persona. Being of Italian descent, we had our great share of laughs and good conversation. This was my first time experiencing any kind of custom service or product and I was blown away! The amount of customization options can be overwhelming but always unique.

Adam was very welcoming and made me feel like I was at home. We started with a nice and much needed cup of coffee, made just the way I like it, all while listening to Frank Sinatra. He was genuinely interested in knowing more about me and made me feel like a close friend. In order to achieve the full custom experience, he made sure he got to know me on a personal level and learn what I liked and my interests.

Adam proved very knowledgable in all things custom, and I learned quite a lot of things about custom wear and how a suit is made. Adam spoke flawlessy and with character and made sure I was comfortable at all times as he spoke and showcased some of the pieces in the showroom. This Balani custom experience was meant to be.

You can schedule your appointment with Adam Leibold at :

Adam Leibold
3601 W. Alabama St.
Houston, TX 77027

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