Simple Date Night Outfits: His & Hers
In the time that we live now, we find it hard to fit in additional activities to our already busy schedules. But there are a few things that shouldn't be put aside or forgotten about. One of those things I'm talking about is romance. Whether you're on the dating scene, have a partner or married, going on a date with your significant other should  always be as special as the days you started dating, if not better.

The second part of going on a date would be deciding what to wear. And some of you may think this is the hardest thing to do, and it all really depends on where you'll be going. As a parent, It takes a little more work to get out of the house, such as finding someone to watch the kids, and making sure they have everything they need while you're away. So I Invited Ashley from New Mom In A New Era, who is also a local blogger who happens to be my wife, to put together a quick and simple date night outfit. So here are Simple Date Night Outfits: His and Hers !

Simple Outfit For Him


I went with a casual outfit that I could transition in and out off. The weather is warming up but we have had a few cooler nights where I could still wear a leather bomber jacket and be alright. For the top, I wore a short sleeve button down shirt that keeps me fresh and cool. For bottoms, I went with a darker wash jeans to contrast the shirts' lighter shade of blue. And for the footwear, I went with black brogue boots. I have a thing for boots and paired them with the jacket to wrap up the outfit. I kept the accessories simple, a Fossil white faced watch and a black rock skull bracelet.

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Simple Outfit For Her

I never thought planning a date night would be something, Jeff & I would do. We are usually really good at spontaneous plans but with a baby it's a lot harder to do spontaneous with trying to find a babysitter and deciding on a place that's not super packed and we can actually get a good conversation in, so when we did finally get our act together and plan a successful one we had to document it! For my outfit, I decided to go with this soft printed, and comfortable dress for 15% off at old navy and paired it with these comfortable strappy sandals and a jean jacket I've had in my closet for the longest! To bring out the gold buttons I went with a gold waist belt & gold with pink tassel earring from Dreamy Dwellings Boutique

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What are some of your picks for a date night?