Memorial weekend has come and gone and that means father's day is right around the corner! That means it's time to go out and find a gift for the special and unique fathers, husbands, and dads-to-be. This can be a hard task for some of us as it was the case for my siblings and I every year once father's day came around. You wouldn't want to get them just any gift, you're going to want to give them a special and unique gift that will make them stand out wherever they go. But if you haven't decided or bought a gift just yet,  I know of just the right gift!

WEWOOD is an eco-friendly accessory brand that makes fashionable and functional accessories that are and made from repurposed wood. That means that there are no trees cut down in the process of making these pieces. Being an eco-conscious brand, their timepieces are made 100% of wood and their eyewear are made of cotton and wood! A really cool thing I really liked about this brand is that they have many different kinds of woods for their various styles of watches and sunglasses! You're bound to find the perfect gift and I think nothing beats a brand that is environmentally responsible. Makes you feel good inside knowing that you have a gift to give while giving back at the same time.
Father's Day Gift Ideas
Making a style statement
Every time "you buy a WEWOOD. We plant a tree." That is their slogan and they firmly stand by it by being involved in reforestation efforts along organizations like American Forest and Trees for the Future. These great father's day gifts are proudly made with renewable resources and that will make a difference in our world one day at a time.

There are many special and memorable moments shared with my dad and now it's my turn to return the favor. You can do the same by using the special code ( WWFD16 ) for free shipping and a free pin removal tool so you can remove and adjust the length of the watch band, saving you a trip to the store. Don't wait until the last minute! You can check out some of the pieces in the pictures below or by checking them out here !

Father's Day Gift Ideas
Styling the Crux Iroko Crema Sunglasses

CRUX Iroko Crema and Kappa Nut Timepiece
Papa Bear In WEWOOD Style

Father's Day Gift Ideas
Cool eyewear for Father's Day by WEWOOD

From a father's personal point of view, these are the coolest and most eco-friendly gifts ever! Make sure to stop by and pick the best gift for dad!

What are your views on gifts/brands that are environmentally responsible?