Summer is upon us and some of us are already reminiscing about winter. Texas summers get quite hot and wearing suits or layers are probably the last options in mind. I don't mind throwing on a blazer or jacket during the summer months (which is about three quarters of the year), but I do have to dress light and/or in breathable fabrics. A few days ago I headed to CityCentre on 800 Town & Country Blvd. with the family and enjoyed live band performance at the patio lawn. We went around sunset, but the heat of the day always lingers through the night. So I definitely had to dress light. 

There's a pair of blue dress shoes that I don't wear often and I thought, why not pair them with a blue blazer? And so I did! There are times where I get my outfit inspiration from the kind of shoes I want to wear on that particular day and this is an example of that. I paired the blue cap toe oxfords with a blue textured blazer from H&M for the color pieces. As I mentioned before, I had to go light, so I ditched the tie and popped off a couple of buttons from the light and breathable white dress shirt I also got from H&M. The bottoms are the lightweight Aiden chinos from Banana Republic. I went with lighter colors on with the shirt and pants so the blues (being a darker shade) can pop out. 

My accessories were kept simple. A white faced Fossil Watch and a black bracelet decorated my wrist while a blue pocket square with white polka dots had its place on my blazer. The white face of the watch paired well with the white shirt and its blue straps complimented the blue hues of the outfit.

For hot and humid occasions, you could take off the jacket and sport your crisp white shirt! You can shop a similar look below!

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What are some of your favorite pieces to wear for the summer!?