We've all been there before. You know, those times you watched over the kids by yourself. It's a day most dads dread in fear of ... failing? Well, you aren't alone and I'm sure this is quite normal with dads around the world. I want to share with you how I approached these moments and came out doing a pretty good "job". Because we all know going out in public alone is not the easiest part of parenting, and in this case, fatherhood.

Yes. I have been scared before, and that could have been attributed to the feeling of unpreparedness. No matter how far you're into fatherhood/parenting, you will always feel like there's something you don't know and will put you off from even daring to go out with your kid(s). It's alright to feel that way, it's part of it, but I assure you, it won't be too long until you get the ball rolling (if you want to). Everyone knows mom has the magical mommy senses, and dads are near powerless in other peoples eyes. That leads me to say, people will always judge and think you don't know what you're doing. To that I say, you do you. It's the best way to learn and get the hang of it.

Stand by me
So yesterday I dropped off my wife off at a local blogger pool party which was hosted at SkyHouse River Oaks, and I went out and about with my daughter. I'm more comfortable doing activities on our own thanks to having a better organized and stylish diaper bag, which is probably the biggest lifesaver ever and it's the most important thing to have on check before leaving home.We took a trip to The Galleria mall, which was right across the highway, and went on a window shopping spree lol. My daughter had recently fallen asleep, so she slept through most of my time at the mall until the end. The few thing I always have ready in case of anything are:

1: Pacifier
2: Sippy Cup ( we're off the bottle now)
3. Snacks
4. Toys

Loving is 
These make the whole endeavor that much easier and everyone is happy. We are now a little past her 1 year birthday and walking, so having her in the stroller for long periods of time is like torture for her ( she starts yelling if I don't realize this on time ). I drove back across the street and we walked the new River Oaks Shopping District. I let her walk while I hold her hand but sometimes I carry her depending on the surroundings. She had her snacks, her juice, and her favorite toys and but the biggest one of them all is that she had my love and attention.

Photographing babies requires team effort!

We all hope that our kids don't throw a tantrum in public, but that is like asking a hurricane to turn around lol. It's bound to happen, but when it does, just remember to keep your cool, stay calm and calmly pick them up or tend to their needs. My daughter throws tantrums when we take something away from her or when she's in the stroller too long, so it is highly important that you know how to "read" your kids by their behavior. So for all dads out there, you are the best dad your kid(s) have so don't be afraid and give it your all! You can check out my other #DadTalks here and here.

Until Next Week,

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