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Technology has advanced more than what we could have imagined 15 years ago. Life, as we know it has much to offer and technology has brought it all within our grasp. Advancements are great, and even greater when our children, the future generations, can be a part of it. One of these great advancements has been entertainment and home security systems development. Now that I see things differently as a dad, I want my family and home to be safe. This has been made that much of an easier task with Xfinity.

Knowing that I have the control over the A/C, home alarm system, and light fixtures at home while being away from home would have me at ease when away from home or even on a vacation trip. I’m always running out of the house and can easily forget to bring up the A/C and turn on the home alarm system, but now I could easily do all of this remotely. With the fast life that we have today, this would be a great tool and system for anyone because I know I’m not the only one that forgets to do things!

Xfinity Voice Remote
Andres Showing us how the Voice Remote and Kids Zone work

When it comes to my daughter, I want only the best for her and with the Xfinity Voice Remote, I can make sure she’s watching the ideal shows and limit the TV time she watches. There are so many shows today that attract kids, and they can literally sit in front of the TV for hours. Xfinity had our children in mind when creating the Kids Zone, and now you can have your kids watch their favorite shows in a safe and secure place. With Kids Zone, they can enjoy exploring the content they like and also discover content within their age group. One of my favorite options is the TV timer, and this allows the shows to play for either a certain amount of time or within a time frame that you have set up.

Someone is ready for Xfinity Kids Zone!

So whether you like to see inside your home while you’re away, or turn on and dim the lights, time your child’s TV time or even stream content right to your phone, there’s no doubt Xfinity has you covered! Learn more about Xfinity here

The best for the family
- Jeff

What are some things that you would like to have control over in your home?