Children have the greatest curiosity of things and after seeing some amazing sensory boards on Pinterest, I just had to make one of my own! Also known as busy boards, you can place various items on the board that will stimulate the kids senses and help them develop their gross motor skills and fine motor skills. Don't worry, these projects are fun and are an easy DIY drill project. It's important for our kids to develop their senses, eye-hand coordination, and motor skills. Boards can contain all kinds of things, such as textures, smells, simple motion actions, coloring, or drawing. The options are endless and you can see how it all turned out below

This was an easy and fun project, and knowing that my daughter and little brother-in-law were going to enjoy it just made me do it with more love. Both have just entered toddlerhood and are wanting the world at their feet. I was being rushed by the little ones but I didn't sweat that because I had the new compact 20V 1 speed Cordless drill from Black and Decker. I breezed through this project and had the kids playing in no time. 

Black and Decker 20V MAX Cordless Drill

Easy DIY Drill Project - Busy Board for Toddlers

busy board for toddlers
The New and compact 20V MAX Cordless Drill from Black and Decker made this project a breeze

I didn't need much for this project, but this can vary depending on how "busy" you want to make your board. I started off by going to the nearby home development store and got the pressed plywood board. It's smooth and you won't have to worry about splinters and the best part is that I got a hold of this for only $6 and some change. it measures 2' x 4' and 5/16" thick. Perfect for this DIY drill project I've been wanting to do for a while.

Working on my DIY drill project and creating a busy board

Items Used: 

Pressed Plywood board 2ft x 4ft x 5/16" 
1 inch multipurpose screws 
1/2 inch multi purpose screws
Double sided tape
Various items from the Dollar Store

Toddler busy board - Sensory Board

Busy board with easy DIY drill project

Check out the drill below:

We will be giving out a Black and Decker 20V MAX Cordless Drill and a 20V MAX Circular Saw!! All you have to do is leave a comment and share an idea or how you could use the power tools! This giveaway ends July 4th so make sure you post your comment before then!!