Every day is a new day, and in fatherhood, you will always find something new to learn. Whether it is trying to be more patient, getting less frustrated, or chasing the kids around, there is never a dull day. The journey of parenting had brought so many blessings into my life and I've learned how to love more, smile and laugh at the experiences life brings you,  and being more patient with the kids. By no means is it easy to chase around toddlers all day, you will be tired but it will bring you happiness knowing that the kids had the liberty of running around, enjoying life as kids without worries,

This week I did my #dadtalk fatherhood series on Facebook Live in order to bring more awareness and reach a wider audience! Comment below on what your thoughts are when dealing with impatient toddlers and what works for you!

See you next week where we will be talking about another #Fatherhood topic! If you have a topic you would like for me to discuss, leave it in the comments below or you can also send me an email ro message!!