Time is something that we can't feel or see unless we have a timepiece to show us the passing of time, and with something so valuable as time, why not have on some of the best watches for men? Whether it is a unique gift for someone else or you're looking for a cool wrist watch, JORD Wood Watches has something for you as well as watches for women! There is a unique watch for everyone.

Time is valuable and there may be times that we forget how fast time goes by and for a spontaneous individual like myself I need a wrist watch on me at all times to keep me on track. Some of my favorite watches are Automatic watches and Skeleton watches and this Dover Series Watch has both of these characteristics! I don't have to worry about changing and replacing batteries because the motion of my arms keeps the watch motion going. I'm always doing something or going somewhere and my watches always come into the conversation and  have to say, I've received many compliments when I wear out my JORD wood watch. This natural wood watch is in my opinion, one of the best watches for men.

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Ebony Wood and Copper Dover Series JORD Watch
Ebony Wood and Copper Dial

Styling my JORD wood watch 

Ebony and Copper JORD Wood Watch
JORD Wood Watch contrasted with hand carved limestone from Italy

JORD Wooden Watches