We love going on trips and hanging with friends and family. I think that's why we love going camping so much! One of our favorite places to go is Krause Springs in the beautiful hill country northeast of Austin, TX ! We've gone camping to many places and by far, this is one of the best water holes in Texas! The drive there from Houston is easy and has some scenic views,especially nearing Austin and the areas around Lake Travis. There was something different about this trip though, we had the all new 2017 GMC Acadia All Terrain to elevate our experience and adventure. 

On the way out of town we were faced with small rain showers but that has never stopped us before, so we kept driving and the ride was so smooth and quiet that we almost forgot it was raining and traffic was starting to build up! It was ok, my wife had her playlist going, and everyone was singing along. Except me...because I'm bad at remembering lyrics haha. A few miles out of town, the rain suddenly stopped and we had sunny skies again. It was only a short matter of time before we arrived at our destination.

Once there, we quickly set up the tents, canopies and started the bonfire. My friends were impressed with the sleek design of the new Acadia, especially in the All Terrain trim with All Wheel Drive. We found a spot at the very bottom of the hills lakeside to Lake Travis. That meant we had to go down the rough and rocky trail down to the bottom and the Acadia was more than capable with its drive selector knob. That feature was one of my favorites, mainly because I had 5 modes to select from! We were loaded and with all the friends an family present we were sitting next to the bonfire roasting marshmallows in no time. 

There is a spring fed pool that spills down to the water hole below as a graceful waterfall. This is one of the many beautiful sights at Krause Springs. The water is pretty cold, at 65 degrees, but the summer heat will have you in the water in no time! This has become one of those places we keep going back to every year and that's why every time we go to this beautiful place, we leave with some of the best memories! 

We left our camp site a little early so we could go explore Downtown Austin. Our first stop was at a place the locals call "graffiti castle". It's formally known as the Hope Outdoor Gallery, and it has all kinds of wall art. Next time we go, I'll be sure to leave my mark! It's a must see place if you're in Austin! Next, we made a stop at the State Capitol building and strolled the grounds and through its halls. It's a beautiful building and makes us Texans proud. The sun was starting to set so we started to make way towards home. 

Along highway 71, there is a scenic overview and with the sun setting behind us, we had to snap a couple of pictures and take in the sights of the beautiful Texas hill country. We actually spent about 30-45 minutes there and took off just as the sun was going under the horizon. The roads were dark but the wrap around headlights and foglights of the GMC did one heck of a job at illuminating the space around us! Easy riding all the way to Houston. It was a Sunday and it's no surprise that there was traffic build up way before going into town. 

Our road trip came to an end, but we still had the Acadia for a few more days so I was excited to test out an awesome feature that GMC brilliantly implemented. As many have probably seen or heard all over social media and news outlets, there have been parents and care-givers that have forgotten infants and toddlers inside vehicles. Fortunately, GMC has taken a step further to add in a rear seat child reminder in an effort to avoid such things from happening! This is great!! Everytime I turned off the ignition, an alert sounds off and shows up in the display reminding you that there is a child in the rear seat. Great job GMC! 

I made this short video about our Austin trip! Be sure to like and subscribe as I venture into the YouTube world!

Check out more pictures of the 2017 GMC Acadia All Terrain below!

What are some of your favorite places to go camping? What are your thoughts on the Rear Seat Child Reminder? Be sure to share with friends and parents!