Fall is fast approaching...for some. Here in the south ( particularly Texas ) we will have summer temps right into thanksgiving and sometimes even December. Nevertheless, Fall fashion kicks in a bit early for most people, as it's safe to say, it's the best season to dress and add on layers. Or maybe it's just because it's my favorite season. For those of you in a cooler climate right now, enjoy it for me please! I will just have to wait until the cold fronts start coming through.There are many ways to dress for the Fall, but there's a period of time where both seasons can't decide who's turn it is to rule over our lives. And that's were transitional outfits come to play. Here's one of my own ideas for dressing up during these conflicting times. 

There are many outfit ideas you can be inspired by with just a few clicks through Pinterest and Instagram. I ran across this outfit during the summer but it would have been crazy trying to pull this off in 100 plus degree heat! So I saved the idea and wanted to wear it once the time was right. I wore a simple white v-neck shirt with a red flannel shirt over it, found over at H&M. The black slim straight fit jeans are from Old Navy and the brown cap toe boots are from Kenneth Cole. The weather around here has allowed some light layering and taking out a pair of boots and I didn't miss the chance to wear one of my favorite pair of boots. This is a very casual transitional look, but you could also button up the shirt to tidy up the look. I wore a black Fossil watch with a chocolate face and brown leather straps.

Thanks for reading and let me know what styles or content you all would like to see for this coming Fall and Winter season!

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