The flooding that occurred in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and surrounding areas during the Rio Olympics were devastating. According to meteorologists, this kind of flooding only happens once every 500 years. I had the chance to witness, first hand, the effects and aftermath of the flooding and  couldn't help but wonder what our lives would be like if it was us in their shoes. There were many areas, also known as Parish, that had over a foot or two of water, and some Parishes even received over 30 inches of one day! One thing that appalled me was that the news stations did not warn the citizens of potential flooding until it was too late, partially due to the major coverage of the Rio Olympics.

I left Baton Rouge with a heavy heart and couldn't even begin to imagine what it would be like if it were my family that was affected by these natural disasters. Just imagine everything inside your home, ruined by the flood waters, just piled up outside of your home. It's hard to imagine my daughter running and walking alongside piles and piles of ruined furniture without knowing what really happen. Kids won't understand, and this can be much more difficult for parents with younger children. Just imagine seeing your toddlers running and trying to climb over the debris and having fun while you stand there knowing that you just lost everything. This is hard to endure and I stand with all the parents that lost everything during these hard times. This is what I saw and you can see it all in the VLOG I made while I was there.

Here is a VLOG from when I went to Baton Rouge

How would you react or feel if this were you home and family that was affected?